Saturday, May 5, 2012

Greer's 1st field trip!

Today was a special day for Greer. We went on a field trip with his school. It was to our local zoo. Our kids normally do very well on the go. I had a feeling something about today might be different.

I had covered my bases and asked a friend/helper in the kids class at church on
Wed. nights to join us.

We left at 8 am and arrived at the zoo at 9. We then realized that the croc I had brought from inside thinking it matched the one in the back of the Explorer was actually the one I had cleaned out of the Explorer earlier this week. Then I was thankful that I found an opposite footed shoe for Harrison to wear with the croc that also had no match in the car!! Hey! You learn to roll with it!! Harrison ran around the entire time happy as could be and made no mention of his shoe predicament! Love my carefree and mostly happy most of the time little guy!!

We rode a train, saw all kinds of animals, got rained on some, had a little lunch, and headed home! Greer was not his usual easy going self (unusually feisty and antsy) and Sophie wanted to " test her boundaries"( which she does very little of these days so I'm not complaining) It wasn't terribly bad but we certainly didn't do all there was to do. We came home and I made sure everyone stayed awake on the way home so I could recooparate during nap too!! We were thankful for Ms.Kirby joining us and also for such a special school Greer is a part of!!

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