Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Fun Day

Grammy got an awesome Groupon to a local putt putt place.

She treated us all to a trip today.

We have been trying to coordinate it forever. It rained this morning but it ended up being perfect weather by the time we got there.

I had vErY low expectations for our littles!!! For one, it includes balls,sticks, and wide open spaces...and for two, the only time that worked for the whole fam was in the middle of nap time! We have a pretty good window on stretching naps so we tried to stay within it but it was certainly beyond our normal 12:30 time. The good news is, my low expectations were highly exceeded... I think I'm onto a new strategy!!

I got a club and ball but decided to take pictures

and to wrangle kids

and to help Greer play a little.

He was all done here...

I never touched my club ;) no biggy.

Everyone was having fun, enjoying each other, and playing nice.

That's more than enough fun for me!! Thanks Grammy and gDaddy!

Oh and it is always fun to spend time with Heather (Brandon's sister) and Mario (her hubby)!

Today is Children's Day in Korea!! It is a Holiday where children are celebrated and they do fun things with their family!! I think we managed to celebrate all the way over here in Tennessee too!!

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