Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Morning!!

I forgot to share the picture of the kids watching the Jesus Storybook Bible YouTube Easter video before bed Saturday!!

We set out a trail of eggs from the kids rooms to their baskets...

Harrison was thrilled, he knew candy just HAD to be involved!! We didn't really play up the Easter bunny. Harrison just kept saying Thank you Mommy... Thank you Daddy!!

They took part in the Easter breakfast of champions!

Sophie got prissy!!

They rode to church in style...

We got a few fun pics with each kiddo...

Harrison joined the big kids in children's church and kept saying..." where Jesus go?" each time we saw the empty tomb or cross!

We celebrated "OH" what a happy day it was when death was beaten!! My children's church kids posed for me in their Easter best!

After church we headed to Grammy and GDaddys!! I had to work to keep the kiddos awake!!

YouTube Video

Sophie was happy too :)

What a hopping morning!!

Side note: I realize shirtless kid pics are probably questionable to some but it's just reality around here!! And these are our memories we are making at warp speed therefore Ive got to capture what I can at the same speed... No time to run for shirts and the like!!

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