Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter at Meme & Papas

Last Saturday, we went to MeMe and Papas. We dyed eggs with the cousins...

And hunted eggs too...

At this point, the kids had the hang of hunting eggs.

Harrison ran around faster than anyone to collect as many eggs as possible and then plopped right down to get as much candy out and in his mouth as possible!!

Everybody was checking out their earnings...

Papa couldn't let anyone go without a prize $1!!

Harrison was still so thrilled with his loot!! Little man loves some candy!! Too bad I've taken it all hostage and will only trade it for potty use!

Greer was pretty happy about this day!! Can you believe I found this outfit with GREER on it at a consignment sale?! Yep, me either!!

Group photo :) I wasn't too concerned since the next day (Easter Sunday)I knew I'd really be pushing the group picture!

Mom and dad with their girls and grand baby's!

Me with my trio!

I love the kids making memories with their grandparents and cousins!! This was the aftermath...

You coulda stuck a fork in her!! She was done!!

This day was kinda a crazy day!! We had an early soccer game that Harrison wasnt feeling and then Daddy was busy the rest of the day so I was flying solo! The kids went to bed right outta the bathtub once home.

Daddy got home and we actually had a few hours of tag teaming Easter prep just the two of us.

We stuffed baskets and laughed and talked and teased and ironed and cooked and kissed! There is joy in the crazy when you are sharing it with your best friend!

Sunday would prove to be refreshing compared to Saturday!! That post is up next!

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Ashley said...

This was a sweet post. I especially enjoyed the end part of you and B spending time together after the babies went to bed. Love ya'll!!! :)