Thursday, April 5, 2012

29 years of B!!

Today, we celebrated the most incredible man I knows birthday!! He is hard working, devoted, and an amazing daddy!!

We started this morning with our families traditional sprinkled cinnamon roll with a candle. After Greer's therapy it was off to Target for Daddy's birthday present! Then to lunch with Daddy.

Tonight we met up with family for some fun! The kids ran circles around us and my bowling was pretty much horrible because I was a little preoccupied. I finally threw in the towel for the 2nd game. This was after everyone gave me a hard time about my gutter balls and when I realized the kids needed more direct ;) supervision. That's just my season... season of mom! Everyone really had a great time. The kids were VERY into it... The taking turns part was the most challenging!

Brandon won both games just like a birthday boy should!

We got home and the kids gave daddy a last birthday kiss and now everyone but me is in bed!

I'm going to join them!

I sure am thankful for the blessing LeeAnn and Gary brought into this world 29 years ago!!


E said...

Happy belated birthday to Brandon. Brandon, although I do not know you, I feel like I do through your wife sharing about you on the blog. I want to thank you for leading your family well. Your passion for Christ shows through your joyful wife, and your flourshing children. Enjoy your birthday! You are loved by many, I am sure!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to Brandon!!!