Friday, March 2, 2012

Tubes In. Adenoids Out

Our sweet Harrison had an awful time from the end of December throughout January with what started out as one ear infection, grew to a double, and would not respond to meds.

The end of December appointment also showed that his first set of tubes had fallen out. He didn't have one ear infection while they were in. Sooooo, we knew another round of tubes were in order. Thursday was the day!

Thr procedure went as well as we could have hoped and lasted all of 20 minutes. In recovery, he was adamant about holding onto that Popsicle but he never took a bite. He would give anyone who touched it the " look" though.

Harrison was back to his perky self by afternoon(a tad bit on edge but still doing well) !! We had a blast with him the night before his surgery as we spent some special time with him after the twins went to bed. We even had a great time before the surgery just waiting for him to
go back. The doctor was late so we had a good hour to hang out. One on one time with each kid is awesome no matter how ya get it!


Ashley said...

So happy all went well! Didn't take him long to get back to his normal self! :) So I heard over the phone last night anyways! :)

JaM said...

Awww, glad that it went well and he's doing better!

Stevens Family said...

So glad everything went well.