Friday, March 23, 2012

Life Lately!

Soon, I'll do a post sharing how month 3-4 home with the twins seems to have been our turning point in the transition as a family of 5. Sophie and Harrison are now more like brother and sister rather than arch enemies waiting to attack every few minutes. I now feel comfortable juggling the amount of sibling rivalry that exists and it doesn't make me feel like I could go crazy!

I don't know what day it switched, but Sophie not only likes her daddy now, but loves and adores him!

And Greer's therapies and care have become a normal part of our routine and something that is our pleasure and delight to do with and for him.

I'll post more on that later! For now....

Morning snack with Einsteins!! Greer in the middle is always a strategic choice! He is our little peace keeper :)

Our sleeping cowboy! I remember when these pj's were new on Harrison!

Papa and Greer! Greer A.D.O.R.E.S his papa! Next to mine and Brandon's voices and presence, papa's gets the best reaction!!

Our pretty princess! Girly play is such fun!

Love my granny!!

I have enjoyed her visit and have especially loved my kids enjoying her so much!

She has played so well with them. Her friend Rick has too!

I let Harrison hang with our small crew (the big kids) at church Wednesday. Many were out of town for spring break. He and Anderson got 3rd place in musical chairs playing like this!

Greer is building up his time in the stander! Some days are better than others! It is hard work.

Somebody officially loooooooooves her daddy! She enjoys any chance she can to rough house with him! (fresh out of the bath pic)

The kids enjoyed MeMe's spaghetti when we were over visiting with GiGi! This was Harrison's 2nd plate...

Sophie finished hers up too...

And Greer worked hard to eat his!

YouTube Video

Sophie and I got much needed hair cuts!

And I'm in Atlanta fixing to enjoy an adoptive mama conference I registered for before we even brought the twins home. I didn't know then, how much of a treat this would be now! Brandon is holding down the fort with our littles! He is awesome like that! Getting out at IKEA now!! (we arrived a little early)


E said...

If I were at my parents, we'd only be 40mins away! I know right where you are!!

JaM said...

Love your updates. Hope you have a wonderful time at C4C.

Stevens Family said...

So glad you've settled in to your new normal routine and everything is going so well. They are all just so cute. Little Greer has really come a long way already!