Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kickin' it

A lot of backyard practice...

And a little equipment prep...Harrison is mighty proud of his "soccer ball shoes... "

Has lead to this...our 1st soccer practice

Best buds with their game faces on...

And!! I can see how families are easily consumed with such activities! It is just too much fun!

Harrison is a joy to watch and he talks about soccer non-stop. The first week he had his soccer ball, he slept with it :)

We have a little work to do on the wearing of the shin guards and socks though...

One of the most hysterical things to me was Harrison combining gymnastics with soccer. He would kick the ball, somersault toward it, get up and kick it again! He will start gymnastics again ( Sophie too) once soccer season is over. One thing at a time, but it's so fun to see him develop awesome skills at such an early age. I never really got into things like this as a kid, but I'm thrilled to be able to introduce our kids to it.

Oh, And this group of kids just might call me.... Ahem..."Coach April"

MaryLeigh and I told the Y, when we signed the boys up, that our families would coach should the team need a coach. We figured, it's just 3 year olds. They need to learn you don't touch the ball, soccer ready position, kick towards the goal??? So turns out, I'm the assistant coach. MaryLeigh played in high school and has one less kid...certainly head coach material!! The guys are mainly around for moral support and for the non-playing kids.

We like to keep things all kinds of exciting around here.

MaryLeigh googled "How to coach 3yr old soccer" and BAM, a 6 week practice plan!! Let's just say, 30 minutes has never gone by so quickly!! Looking forward to next week already!!


Shosh said...

love your blog! your kids r so cute!!! i think you're also a reader of jennys blog...sophies hope...i know she went private and im bummed because i loved her blog too! would u be able to email her my info and see if she'll give me access? thanks so much!!

Liz said...

Hilarious about Harrison doing a little gymnastics during the game! Did you get that on video?