Friday, March 30, 2012

2 year check-up!

I took the twins for their 2yr check up today!! It went really well!! We love our pediatrician!

This was Sophie's first visit to our pediatrician since coming home! She has tagged along several times, but hasn't been the reason for going yet!! Let's just say, she had her moments :)

It's a girl thing ;) the hot and coldness!! I mean... I know I feel this way sometimes.

We got a glowing report on Sophie... Girlfriend is solid!!

Greer also has gained a little weight and is coming along!! Each of them got two shots! I knew that Sophie should go first because a sucker would quickly make her a happy girl and then she would be a good comfort to Greer!! I was right!!

Afterwards, we quickly wrapped up and I left with 2 happy campers!

The visit wasn't complete without this craziness in the parking lot...

I mean seriously?! Help a mama out! If I wasn't already a tad busy, I might have left a note!! Happy Friday!

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Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

Wow time is flying. They are super adorable.