Monday, February 20, 2012

Hard at work!!

Greer went to the ER last week with an extremely high fever. We discovered he had Bronchiolitis. Poor baby!!

We are also pretty certain that his fevers caused 2 seizures that he had last week!! None of us were really fans of those!

It's also official! We are in hard core PT, OT, speech and feeding therapies!

Most people cringe at that fact, but we are thrilled to be getting to work with Greer! And he seems to enjoy it.

We got him a high chair. I used Craigslist. I'm so excited because it has wheels and the height adjusts to the kids level!

We already put him to work in it daily!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Here he is "cooking!"

And a happy boy!

Greer is easy to love and a pleasure to fight with and for! We know he is going to do GREAT things and we will cheer, push, and encourage him each step of the way!!


Liz said...

Proud of you little man!!!

Carrie said...