Thursday, January 26, 2012

2 Months Home

Whew! What a whirlwind! Every day is a crazy adventure here at the Smith house. Life as we know it, is vastly different than before we boarded our plane to Korea! I have struggled with my desire to embrace it and the reality that every moment with 3 toddlers just is not always embraceable. Not a huge surprise, but does take some getting used to. While this is the honest truth of what I, as mom(who has, for some reason, set the bar really high for myself) am grappling with, we have made so much progress in 2 months. In honor of this milestone, I have some awards to give out!

Let's start with...

Most Improved- :) That award would go to.....

sincekorea 607

our Sophie girl! The last two weeks have just been great for her(and this Mama). The tantrums that were so frequent and came with screaming that could bust an ear drum are no more. She will still whine and cry but not nearly as much and at a much more tolerable tone. Since Harrison has become the aggressor, :( 95% of her aggression towards him has stopped. She will go to Brandon about 1 out of every two attempts at he or I initiating their interaction.

sincekorea 618

This is HUGE! I have a feeling she is going to be a Mama's girl through and through and I can't really complain about that!

sincekorea 627

She understands SOOO much. She is just so so smart. I can send her to the trash can with a diaper, ask her to pick up something she threw off of her plate from the dinner table, to wipe her hands, to bring me my keys, or to put her blanky in her bed and she's got it!!

sincekorea 596           sincekorea 667

Whiz kid for sure! She cherishes any one and one time that she can get. Even doctors appointments!

sincekorea 606

Her English is incredible, in my humble opinion. Here are some of her words:

tate to (thank you), Mama-Mommy-Mom-Ma (she LOVES to call my name just so I'll look at her and it is so cool that she can get my attention with that word (i really do LOVE it too) and she also likes to play the Sophie Says: "Maaaaaaama" and Mama Says: "Soooooophie" back and forth game. She also says, Myna(Mya our dog), open, Kay (ok), bye bye, cookie, cracker, eat, juice, milk, please, help, hold me, up, please, keys, ipad, Daddy, Greer, poo poo, shew!, mine, play, lud you (love you), stop, bath, night night, uh oh, teeth (she loves to brush her teeth!), bow, no, nack(snack), i-cream, piper (diaper). I know there are many I've forgotten. If I ask her to repeat it, she will do so, but these are the ones she uses spontaneously.

She and I are in a good good place!!!!

sincekorea 625

I am so thankful, I can't say I wasn't worried for a brief period there. She just needed me to be her reassurance there for a bit and it was so hard to have to share me when it was such a desperate time for her.

The next award goes to, our Prince of Personality….

sincekorea 681

our Greer baby!! He is doing so well. He is our easy peasy lemon squeezy child! Every day, he does something new. It does take us pulling it out of him....but as long as we are making the effort, he is putting out results.

sincekorea 654

I am so proud of him and know that when we get him into therapy(soon) he will blow us away! His daddy has been the apple of his eye from day 1!!!

sincekorea 601

We went for vision testing today and all was clear! We went to the neurologist last Tuesday and he gave us the diagnosis of the type of Cerebral Palsy that Greer has.


He said not to weigh too much on it, but that it gives us a starting place for all that needs to take place to get him the help he needs.

sincekorea 650

He was very hopeful with regard to Greer and his development. It was such a relief since WE ARE TOO!! Greer loves to eat, be the recipient of attention, babble, ride in the stroller, laugh at his sister and brother, and to be in motion.

sincekorea 605


This next award goes to….. our Biggest Trooper

sincekorea 637

our Harrison!! He handled it well for as long as he could. I think that he has had the hardest time over the last few weeks. He has been sick, for one, and on steroids (Lord help me!)

sincekorea 612

and Sophie had put him through the ringer and he just had enough. Between him being sick and "getting Sophie back" it has been rough. This is a session of “attachment therapy” I created just for the two of them.

sincekorea 610

They could have that sweet treat but only if they held hands while enjoying it! Smile oh and there is this one where I just bribed them to hug with a drink of my tea Smile


I can't allow Harrison to be mean to Sophie just like I didn't allow her to do it to him, but it is so hard for me to see him struggle and so hard for me to not feel a ton of guilt for the new expectations we (necessarily) have for him.

sincekorea 677  sincekorea 656

Life was pretty sweet for him two months ago and I miss that for him. There are new patches of sweetness for him now though.


He loves Greer like NO OTHER! Every morning he wakes up and asks "where brudda" or "where Ohpa" He holds his hand every car ride


and earlier this week, we went to eat lunch with him at preschool and he was so proud to have Greer there!! He was rubbing on him an exclaiming...."Gree-dah" hugging him and kissing him!!! I teared up!! He even shared his chair with Sophie which must have been for his teacher’s benefit. Smile

sincekorea 671

if Greer crys (which is rare) He runs to him and pats him and says "it okay brudda" He has moments where he tolerates Sophie and I adore the way he calls her "Fophie!" It is THE sweetest thing. I think and hope that Harrison will adjust to our new normal soon.

sincekorea 645

It is just his turn to have an adjustment period.

The award for Most Accommodating goes to BRANDON!!

sincekorea 629  sincekorea 651

He has worked his tail off at work. He is staying until close all month at work (that is until 6pm people!) so that he could put major focus toward reaching some goals with his crew. He does that and comes straight home to help me finish up whatever is left to do for the evening with the kids and the house.

sincekorea 630

He is all hands on deck for the weekends and is very level headed ...which balances me out *most* of the time!! He is everything I hoped he would be as a father and then some! Saturday, he napped with Harrison and when he woke up, I told him he had 5 minutes to get out of the house for a night "off" before I changed my mind! I wanted him to have some down time!! 5 minutes after he left I was convinced that I was crazy, but I wanted to do that for him!!

and the last award….Most Likely to Succeed ONE DAY- that is this Mama!!

sincekorea 655

I can feel the progress as I adjust too. I can do it…I'm caring for them day to day(laundry, keeping the house up, and the car not looking like a garbage can is a different story) I am getting places….even to the grocery and to the doctor with the 3 of them. My goal is to move forward doing so with more love, more patience, and more ease! I am being grown and stretched in new ways. Like all mothers, I just want to be good at this, not ok at it, not just getting through each day….really and truly doing a job that I can be most proud of.

Through all of this, the Lord has been faithful to sustain me ....

Sophie exclaims, "mommy!!!" with a sparkle in her eye, that makes all my work with her worth it.

Greer puts 3 blocks in the cup and takes them back out, that fuels my dedication to help him thrive and grow !

Harrison and I sneak away for some one on one time where he can be himself and get my full attention, that relieves some of the guilt I have for rocking his world.

Brandon and Harrison are napping and I find them like this....(one of the only ways Harrison would sleep on his steroids)


and my love for Brandon grows EVEN more!

Someone hands Brandon a generous check, last week, and prays over him and our family just as we were starting to feel overwhelmed and that is a perfect God Wink. He's got this. This is HIS plan for all 5 of us and we are blessed to be following it!



E said...

Our Jesus is so faithful. I love Him so much! :)

You are doing a great job. Yes, you probably have set your expectations too high. I get the guilt and the overwhelming feelings and I do not have three toddlers, but a 2 yr old and a 2 week old. Being a momma is hard hard work. Praying for you, friend!

Annette said...

Oh honey!! You are doing such an amazing job at mothering these 3 young babies that God gave you and I am so so proud of you and Brandon both!! Just remember none of us are perfect but we can all strive to be the best we can be!! I love you!! Mother

Christy said...

Wow, you're making me cry! I think your whole household is doing great! This is such a huge adjustment for all 5 of you and it's ONLY been 2 months!!! :) Only God could make it this good! Realize how great you are all doing, even on the rough days! Big hugs!!!

LeeLee and B + Annie Louise said...

April, you are such an amazing mother, and what a blessing you are to those sweet babies! Look at what you have done in TWO months...I can't wait to continue to see how God ROCKS your world through your children!

Cindy said...

Wow! That is some awesome accomplishments for 2 months home. You all are wonderful parents! God will continue to give you those little winks. This post makes me smile! Happy 2 months home!!!

Liz said...

GREAT post!!! So happy to see everyone doing so well!

Faith said...

I love everything about this update!!!

Carrie said...

Whatever God calls you to do He equips you to do as well. You are doing amazing and don't think anything less! Love you and can't wait to see you and meet the babies! It's a huge burden that I haven't made it up there yet. Sad. But I hope to see you soon.

Jenny said...

Oh girl...I think you are an amazing mama!! It looks like everything is going beautifully! God is so good and your sweet family is a living testimony of His goodness!! Keep up the good work, girly! Those kiddos are blessed to have you;)

Leese said...

Just wonderful!!! Have been praying for your sweet and blessed family. Totally off topic, but did you know that Oppa means big brother of a little sister? If he's asking where his little brother is he would say dong sang or nam dong sang (nam means boy) and oppa is the term Sophie would use for big brother and there is a different word for a boy to use for his big brother. : )

Leese said...

Just wonderful!!! Have been praying for your sweet and blessed family. Totally off topic, but did you know that Oppa means big brother of a little sister? If he's asking where his little brother is he would say dong sang or nam dong sang (nam means boy) and oppa is the term Sophie would use for big brother and there is a different word for a boy to use for his big brother. : )

Stevens Family said...

What an awesome 2-Month's home post! Love it!! You guys are all doing so awesome and what an amazing journey it has been so far.

Sweet To Our Seoul said...

So, so happy for your sweet little family and so glad things are going so well. You and Brandon are AWESOME parents to 3 very Awesome little kiddos!!


Grace said...

Great update! You are doing a great job Momma!!