Monday, December 5, 2011

Kid You'll Move Mountains!

Samuel Greer Smith
Greer Can Do All Things Through Christ who strengthens him. Philippians 4:13
A sweet adoptive mama friend sent me the quote from Dr. Seuss' Oh The Place You'll Go a few days ago. She said she couldn't stop thinking about this quote in regards to Greer...


and now we will associate this with him too!

Greer is the most precious little guy. The first few days of figuring each other out were kind of shaky, but we have come a long way in just a week and a half.

He is absolutely precious!! He is very laid back and super observant. He can sit up if someone puts him in the position to do so. He gives high fives. He laughs and smiles easily when given attention. He is a rockstar sleeper. He knows where everyone in the house is at all times and he knows what's up! We know he can crawl because we saw him do it on video but we have yet to get him to do it for us. It won't be long now!

When we reviewed the twins file, they both had similar notes of complications at birth. Sophie was born first and Greer second. They were 35 weekers (7 weeks longer than Harrison)!

We knew that there were potential risks with the record of what he had experienced at birth and the months following. Sophie's development was on target and Greer's delayed. Brandon and I had some very serious discussions and we prayed really hard about the worst case scenarios and what our future could look like should "worse case scenario" become ours and Greer's reality if/when we moved forward with their adoption.

The Lord confirmed in our hearts that these two kiddos were our children and BOTH of them deserved a mommy and daddy to take a chance on them. We are beyond blessed with numerous local resources for children with special needs and we are very capable of loving and encouraging Greer each day!

He will not have any lack of motivation with his brother, sister, and all his insta-buddies. All of the specialists we have talked with say this gives him a leg up for sure!

We called Tennessee Early Intervention Services (our states free therapies, equipment, evaluations, etc from birth-3yr olds who qualify based on assessment of development) early last week and they came out Friday to get the intake process going for Greer. We haven't even had the actual evaluation yet and they are pretty sure he qualifies for all services, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. As overwhelming as that might seem, we are at a place where we knew it was coming and we are on a mission to get out little buddy going! We will get as much therapy in the home as we can. We know a great pediatric physical therapist that we'd like to go see, but we hope to do the others at home. The intake coordinator asked what our goals were and I said for him to feed himself, communicate (sign/talk), and walk! She kind of raised and eyebrow, but we are claiming Philippians 4:13 over his life. We didn't choose it for cuteness.....we chose it because we mean business and we trust that our God can do amazing things in and through Greer! No matter what anyone thinks or says we will not put any limitations on him. We will just push him to do the next thing, then the next, then the next! :) That's what our job as mommy and daddy is!

There are neurology appointments, therapies, opthamology appointments, and cardiology appointments in our future. We are prayerfully taking it one day at a time. Greer is worthy of love and devotion from parents, family, and friends committed to fighting for and with him!! We don't have a specific diagnosis yet, but we know that one is coming. A few of the last pieces of paperwork mentioned a broad diagnosis, but we know there are more details that will give us a better grasp on things. And when the time comes and we feel confident in what our doctors here determine, we will continue to share Greer's journey!! In the meantime, we welcome you to love on, interact with, and pray for Greer and our family as we navigate this new part of our families journey.


April Reed said...

Prayers Friend!! He is just precious!! Go Greer Baby Go!! :)

Leah said...

God is so good! Many prayers for your family as it grows together! Greer is such a special little boy, as is Sophie and Harrison! You two are so blessed. Your life will be forever changed by those adorable kiddies! What an awesome thing! :)

Tonya said...

So happy for sweet Greer! He will move those mountains. I love the phrase "Mountain, get out of my way" That reminds me of your sweet guy!!

On a side note--what a great mommy you are to these sweet babies!! They (and you) are so blessed. You are working so hard to get into a familiar routine AND able to post so many detailed blog updates-how are you doing it??

As always, sending prayers to your amazing family. Can't wait to introduce all our kiddos!!!

April said...

Lol Tonya!! I stay up really late...1:30 lastnight and 3:30 the night before ( that late is very rare)

Jessica said...

What a blessing for Greer to have parents that will fight for him. I'm sure he is such a sweet blessing to yall too. Blessings to yall

Ashley said...

Sweet Greer... I TOO believe he will move mountains! Go Greer, Go! Aunt Ashley is always praying for you! :)

Derek and Julie said...

Go get em, Greer! He will move his own mountains at his own pace with the support and love of his family. You go little buddy! I can't WAIT to meet you someday.

Julie, Derek, & Will

Liz said...

Praying! I don't have experience w/ most of the issues Greer is facing, but like we talked about months ago...our oldest had strabismus problems & went through 4 surgeries to correct it. When & if you reach that point, let's talk! I can totally help you with what to expect & how that all works.

Grateful said...

Great post, April!
Greer is beautifully created in God's glorious image and he is perfect for his purpose of bringing glory to the great God of the Bible. I hope to follow your family (in a good way)and see how all of your kids demonstrate to the world the greatness of God. I have a fondness for kids with CP. I just think they are extra awesome!! Go Greer!!!! TGBTG

Stevens Family said...

Such a special little guy. Praying that you receive a clear road ahead from all of Greer's specialists.