Friday, December 23, 2011

I've sent out 2/3 of the 60 cards we ordered at w@lmart!! Every year, I end up with a stack that I didn't get the addresses for in time. This year was certainly not an exception. I for sure should make a list of my addresses to save from year to year. Thats what organized people do and that just isn't me. Not sure why.... I suffer the most as a result of that fact!!!

We took the kids to our " duck park," as we like to call it, a few weeks back and tried for a Christmas card picture. It was laughable but out of 60 shots, we got a gem :)

I want to post the actual card. Until I can get access to a scanner or figure out a way to post it from W@lmart's site, I wanted to go ahead and share.
Then there were the outtakes,

There were many more!! As I laughed my way through choosing the outtakes to post here, I am once again reminded of what a blessing it is that these little ones have been entrusted to us!! This is sure to be our most beautiful Smith Family Christmas yet !!

Location:Christmas Card Outtakes!!

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CJ said...

Just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!