Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am playing catch up on the blog!! We have fun things to do and family to share time with every day between now and Monday so I've gotta keep up!!

Last Saturday, our small group met for breakfast. Harrison had a play date with his cousin and the twins tagged along(and were on their best behavior!) We had all heard about a place that is yummy for breakfast and no one had been!! It didn't disappoint. I even had gingerbread pancakes!!!

Between two families in our group, we have added 3 beautiful children through the miracle of adoption this past month.... AND another family said yes to a waiting child from our agencies waiting child photo listing (their little cutie is from Korea too) Now THIS is a group I am downright proud and excited to be a part of! We can't say it's a requirement to join, but I can hardly see how the Lord wouldn't move and work in the hearts of those that do come our way!!!

I strongly encourage YOU to seek out a group at a local church to do life with!!! Even if you go to church weekly and just go to service... You are missing the value added by sharing the ups and downs and ins and outs of life with others that you can trust on a regular basis!! We learn, grow, laugh, cry, encourage, pray, celebrate and hurt with one another!!!

Location:Breakfast with Friends!!

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