Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Caught In Action!

I pretty much keep my phone with me. It is handy in catching the fleeting moments!! I have done more with the kids this week...even solo! I went to lunch with two friends, we all went to speech with Harrison, and the twins and I picked Harrison up from preschool Monday! All went pretty well! Here are some pics worth sharing.

It takes longer to feed Greer. Monday morning, I got an activity out for Sophie to do with me while I fed Greer. Matching pom poms to colored bowls!!

We went into our pediatrician Monday afternoon. The kids stayed in the stroller for 30 minutes while waiting to be called back! This thing rocks and so do they!

We got some referrals for Greer and Harrison rocked his flu shot without tears! Sophie was just along for the ride. It was s little crazy with 6 of us and the limo stroller in the room but nothing too bad.

No coincidence this pic hung in our exam room!

Bedtime snack!

Harrison eating the rain!

Sophie devouring the chicken soup sweet friends brought!

Daddy and Harrison having fun :)

Sophie loves to put my shoes on and walk around'n

Sophie requires constant attention and accommodation( she is 20 months old after all)... Especially in the car. This is a pic of her response to me locking her window. It was cold and raining but she wanted her window down! She was as loud as it looks! Thankfully, we were almost home!!

She is picking up signs fast because she is realizing we don't respond to whines,crys and tantrums. She now knows ...more, please, all done, milk, drink, thank you, eat, my turn, help, and up! She normally starts a request by the methods we don't respond to but I will say "ah" and raise an eyebrow or "use you sign" and every time she stops and does it!! She is very very smart and she is just doing what is expected... Testing her limits.

This is a pic we took and sent to daddy this evening just to remind him we were waiting on him.

Because they were literally like this for 2 hours(4p-6p) He has been so good about getting home between 4&5.... The one extra hour threw us all for a loop, but we made it!

I finally had the brilliant idea to get out the carrier... Sweet relief!

And they took turns!

And once daddy did get home, we had dinner and it resulted in this!! Woah!!

Oh and I saved the best for last... Grins and giggles with Greer!! Love him!!

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Carrie said...

Delurking to ask...the pic of Brandon by the Christmas tree? Isn't that Greer? I think 3 kids all day is giving you the "mommy brain syndrome"! HAHA!

Your family is beautiful! Congrats on the new additions!

Carrie in FL

Ashley said...

I was about to say the SAME thing Carrie said above. HA. That was defintely Greer and Daddy. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video of Greer and Brandon. Can't wait to smooch on him at lunch today! :)

m and k said...

They are too cute and I am glad to see things are going so smoothly for you guys! Congrats!

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

They are all so very sweet and cute. I am glad everything is going so well.

JaM said...

Sounds like Sophie is doing quite well. We love baby signs too.

I love the turtle PJs. I think I said that already but they are full of awesome.

Hiking Mama said...

love the pictures....precious kiddos!

Liz said...

LOL! I was going to ask the same as Carrie & Ashley. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who calls my kids by the wrong names sometimes. :)