Monday, December 26, 2011

Annual Gingerbread Fest!!

For the last several years, we have gotten together with our friends to put together gingerbread houses. It started the year before Harrison came home and has only gotten crazier and more fun as the years go by and the kids keep coming! I'll let you be the judge of just HOW crazy :)
We knew if we wanted a group picture, we should try that first!! With the exception of Leighton not being in the mood, therefore not being in the picture, we were pretty proud of this one!!! We got one with Leighton included later but not on my camera!

Then, we got this great family picture! I ended up printing these out and giving them as Christmas gifts!

We had some yummy Spaghetti for dinner!! Oh, and you'll notice my little sister Victoria in the pics! She joined us! She is out for Christmas break and ended up staying with me for 5 days last week. To say I appreciated it is an understatement. I almost cryed when she left. Sophie has kicked it up a notch with the sass and the desire to be the dominant child in the household.  I seriously gave my little sister a 10 minute hug before she left! We are going to miss her this week!

Greer had fun with the Gingerbread houses too!!

I only wish he could climb right up on the counter with the rest of them :) One day!!!
 These two are two peas in a pod!!!! I couldn't keep them from eating their decorations!!! sweet little sillies!
Sophie wanted to help Mrs.Pam out by getting any lost decorations off the florr.

 And...we were still going!!!
 The next night we were going to eat and then try and look at Christmas lights at a farm that decorates every Christmas about 30 minutes outside of town!! If you look really hard at the picture below, you'll see the beginning of the problems that lead us to drop that plan. I was a little sad. It was the first time we've had to derail plans due to a crabby/uncooperative child(ren). I have a won't be the last :) It's just a season...and one we've dreamed we'll take the bad with the good and be thankful anyway!
Can't wait until next year!!!


Stevens Family said...

Merry Christmas!

Amy Lawrence said...
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Amy Lawrence said...

That is so sweet that Victoria stayed with you! I am sure she loved it as much as you did! I share you pain when it came to being sad you had to miss something due to an uncooperative child. We had to do that twice last week and it really bummed me out bc I was looking forward to those events!

Liz said...

Is Sophie laughing or crying in the family pic?

JaM said...

Looks like you had a great time making gingerbread houses and trees!!

Pam Reddell said...

Great times and memories! I love all the craziness when we are together!!