Thursday, November 17, 2011

How About the Penthouse for $450?! or not! Final Travel Plans

Yesterday morning, we got our hotel confirmation. It was my last full day at the church to get all my ducks in a row before I am away. I received an email but only glanced at it long enough to notice we had a room. I didn’t convert the amount to the US dollar, but Brandon did. He called quickly and told me that our reservation was for the PENTHOUSE at The Somerset(a very popular hotel for our agencies families travelling to Seoul) for $450 per night! WOAH is all I can say. As you can imagine, that is WAYYYYYY out of our budget range.

We thought…"easy enough, we’ll just book something else” Our agency told us we needed to start working on it on our own because it is a day delay to communicate with the agency staff in Korea and we’d end up getting news of whether or not there was another option less than 24 hours before our flight. Brandon and I both spent time on the phone, computer, etc. only to discover that if we were looking for a brilliant business venture…opening a chain of hotels in Seoul might just be guaranteed success!!! It was/is so hard to believe that these places did not have an opening…We seriously checked into at least 20 places and they looked HUGE online.

We got to the point where we felt it must be meant for us to experience a little luxury before we jump right into this family of 5 thing!! We had almost resigned ourselves to the fact that this was going to be our first and last experience with staying in a PentHouse!! Since it was a room and we weren’t finding any others, we called Holt back and gave one last plea for them to check into some additional options but that if they couldn’t find something we would figure out a way to stay in the Penthouse!

This morning we got the AMAZING confirmation that we will be staying at the DMCville in a suite! They will have to roll an additional bed in to accommodate the four of us (Myself, Brandon, and his parents)!! Then the twins of course, but we won’t need full beds for them! For $160 per night, and to be a reputable place to stay per adoptive families who have gone before us…WE WILL TAKE IT!

So, now that we have our hotel confirmation…here are the final details….

Friday 11/18- Arrive at the Nashville airport at 4am. Flight leaves at 6:06 am.

Saturday 11/19- Arrive in Seoul at 4:50pm. We’ll check into our hotel and go grab a bite Smile then probably head back and sleep!

Sunday 11/20- We will do our City Tour this day! We will go to the palace and Insadong and maybe Namdaemun should we have time. I think your guide also takes you to lunch. Fun day!!

Monday 11/21- We have had a special invitation from the foster family. We have been invited to their home that afternoon. We will find something exciting to do that morning!

Tuesday 11/22- We will tour Ilsan. It serves the needs of approximately 300 residents, ranging in age from toddlers to adults. Most of the residents have some sort of disability, and receive therapy and training to overcome obstacles that they may face. Our sweet babies could very well have ended up here, BUT GOD!! He had other plans! 

Wednesday 11/23- We will meet the social worker at Holt and will join the Foster Family for lunch before we are officially united with our children!! The appointment for our “Family Day” is at 1:30pm! We will lay low that evening and love our sweet babies as they process what is going on. We are preparing for the worst, and will be thankful for anything better than that!

Thursday 11/24- At some point in the day, we will head to Seoul Tower where we will put our love locks on with our sweet little loves in toe!

Friday 11/25 in Seoul- Arrive at the airport at 8:30am to catch our 11am flight out!

Friday 11/25 in Nashville- Black Friday airport homecoming celebration at 12 NOON! Smile 

I just wanted to share my shopping list for Korea…MaryLeigh helped me come up with it!! I have seen a good bit of it at her house and then others from other adoptive mamas blogs or facebook. These things will be special to the twins.

-Name Scrolls for Sophie and Greer

-Name Chop (stamp with their name in Korean)

-Celedon pottery

-Wedding Ducks- Some to display at our house and a set for each of the twins.

-Hanbok- maybe maybe not. I know the foster family will probably send the ones from their first birthday.

-Drums- Harrison loves these handheld ones he has played with at Bates’ house!

-Korean Flag.

-I Love Korea shirts!

We didn’t really have a chance to explore Taiwan enough to get Harrison some things from there…even though we fully intended to, we didn’t see much. I have lots of details and plans to shop at Insadong and Namdaemun to complete my list and then some probably!!

I have to be honest. I have a lot of anxiety this week as we near our travel dates. I worry about our sweet Harrison. I worry about how the twins will respond to this very hard transition in their lives. BUT I have not had any doubts about this next step for our family. It is ABUNDANTLY clear to us that the Lord has paved the way for the twins to be united with us as their forever family. We are thrilled about what is ahead. I have a wonderful peace as we are less than 24 hours away from getting on that airplane!

I’ll be updating here frequently!


Faith said...

SOOO excited for you guys! Praying for y'all in the days ahead!

JaM said...

That is SO COOL that you get to go to the foster family's home! AWESEOME!

Glad you got the DMCville, that worked out great for us.

HAVE A WONDERFUL AMAZING LIFE CHANGING TRIP!!! Praying all goes well for you, Harrison, the twins, and the foster family as you all go through this major change.

The Richardson Family said...

So excited to see those babies in your arms!!

Mark & Kris said...

Praying for a smooth transition for you all. God has an amazing way of preparing these kiddos hearts. Praying their grieving period will be short as they soak up all your love!

E said...

Cannot wait!!!!

joy said...

so very exciting! praise the Lord for the details all coming together. what are love locks? haven't heard of this.

Amber said...

So excited for you but SO sad we'll miss the airport homecoming party because we'll be out of town! Blessings on this amazing trip!!

Liz said...

SO exciting!!! I'm curious though...what is a "love lock"?

Can't wait to go on this journey with you!

Michael and Amanda said...

Praying you off!

Cindy said...

Yes! God did pave the way for those twins to be yours! Safe travels and prayers for you tonight.

Future Mama said...

YAY!!! We are praying for you!!

Much love,
Future Mama

CJ said...

Sometimes the roughest road takes you to the most beautiful place. GOD is in control sista! Praying for a safe trip and peace for all of you~

Ashley said...

I prayed hard for ya'll last night. I also prayed for our sweet Harrison being without his mama and daddy this week. Love you sis. Can't wait to meet my new niece & nephew.

Christy said...

So excited for you! Congrats! Keep us posted!