Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Night in Seoul

We made it to the DMCville around 7pm. We walked in and were so very satisfied with our accommodations. I will share more about DMCville in a separate post. Once we got to the room, Brandon was down for the count with a headache and being so tired. I am so excited to be here and ready to explore and hoped he could just hang in there a few more hours. He couldn't, so I was very disappointed but quickly decided to be thankful that LeeAnn and Gary are here and they were up for going out with me to explore a little and find some dinner. So we went down to the lobby, passed the front desk on our right and then exited the doors there. We took a right at the street and then took a left at the first light. We went down two blocks and found an area with several little shops/restaurants. I am sure the area has a name I just couldn't quite figure it out yet. It seems there was a mall right beside it. I liked the area and can't wait to see more of it in the daytime.

We decided on a little place for dinner...

They had "cups" of noodles and rice!!

We were able to browse the menu on the Ipad and it did have English titles underneath each option.

Very helpful. LeeAnn got some sort of seafood with rice and it was fishy :) and Gary got some chicken and noodles and he liked it except it was a tad spicy for his taste. I got chicken with chili sauce over rice and L.O.V.E.D it!!

We stopped at the 7-11 on the way back and got little ice creams! I ate mine right before I started my blogging spree!

Around the corner from the dinner place I found The Paris Baguette.

Everyone who travels to Seoul talks about it. That is going to be breakfast tomorrow! Yum!

I am going to do one more post about our hotel and then I will Skype with sweet Harrison and then it's off to bed. My eyelids are getting heavy so I imagine I'll have an easy time sleeping. The rest of the crew is as I type! We meet our City tour guide in the lobby at 9:45am tomorrow. Fun Fun day ahead!! Can't wait to explore this city I already love!!

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JaM said...

Glad you like the DMCville. The mall area is great, you won't have a shortage of places to eat, one whole level is FOOD. LOL And enjoy the bakery!!! I LOVE KOREAN FOOD! LOL