Friday, November 18, 2011

Seoul or Bust!!

We made it to Chicago and are waiting to catch our flight to Seoul.

We will depart Chicago at noon. I am blogging from my phone because there is no free wi-fi!! I know that when I was anticipating others updates from their travel I would have taken what I could get!! Well, this is what y'all get! I took a picture Of the pictures uploaded on the iPad so I could get them on my phone to blog. If you look close at the ones that I did that with, you will notice myself and the phone in the glare :) I'll try and go back and replace them with the real ones later!!

We stayed with our friends who are keeping Harrison last night. We left at 3:30am and got to the airport around 4:20! Thanks to our friend Pam for driving us!!

The airline we are flying, Asiana, only allows 1 checked bag per person. Including our two totes and a duffel bag of donations, we had a total of 5 bags and 2 carryons. Oh, and shout out to Maryleigh for packaging the totes for me. We collected stuff and She did the tetris handiwork of packing them. She and her cuties dropped them off yesterday.

Both our bags were bigger and weighed more than the limit. We just hoped it would work out. When we got to the counter, the nice attendant told me she doesn't normally see people as happy as me that early!! I told her all about the two reasons this is a happy happy trip!! She let one bag that weighed in a pound more slide. Our big bag was 9lbs over and we gave some to Brandon's parents and stuffed some in the donation duffel.

That is us and our bazillion bags doing the last minute shuffle!! It wasn't too bad to get it all figured out. We found a Starbucks and partook!!

Then it was flying time! The flight from Nashville to Chicago was easy peasy lemon squeezy!! I wanted to share with y'all my very favorite part of flying!!! Ready for it?!

I don't even enjoy it on the ground... Just in the air. I shared all of this with the flight attendant and she gave me extra!! The 5 minutes before we landed was nothing like I've ever experienced flying.... It was super shaky not like turbulence! But we landed and I was thrilled to be on the ground again. Pulling into Chicago...

We made the mistake of taking the tram over to the International terminal and going through security before grabbing a bite to eat. I guess we didn't realize our lack of options at this point!! Hopefully Asiana has something yummy planned for us. We're not holding our breath though!!

Brandon's parents have been awesome as travel companions so far!!

We are going to have a BLAST in Seoul together!!
Oh and here is what our sweet Harrison is up to this morning!!

He loves an Ipad!!

Yesterday we found out he has bronchitis! Of course that keeps me worried about our sweet boy but we got his antibiotic and a steroid and that should get him on the up and up quickly!! And he is in wonderful hands!!

From here....

It's Seoul or Bust Baby!!!!!


Christy said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks for the update. Saying a prayer for Harrison and your travels. Good to know about the bags. Have a great trip!

Heather Allen said...

I am just in tears with excitement!! I pray for safe travels and that Harrison feels better soon!

Ashley said...

Praying for another safe flight. Love ya'll.

-Stacy and Ted said...

Oh my gosh have a WONDERFUL and SAFE flight! I was in our twins' kindergarten classroom this morning helping with their "Thanksgiving feast" and I remembered that today is the day you leave! SO HAPPY for you!!! :)

Casey and Carra said...

Yea, I am glad to see the update!! I wish I knew to tell you that after you got on the international side of the airport there is not very many choices!! We flew Japan air and they didn't have much on the plane that I wanted to eat! I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see those babies.