Saturday, November 5, 2011

We have no clue as to the # of days before travel call/ travel! We do know we are sooooo close!! Like within the next 10-14 days( highly likely) Starting today, we are going to do something intentionally fun and that includes at least the three of us each day! Tonight our great friends came along as we went to Chucky Cheese. This is only the second time Harrison has been and he loves it.

He rode in, in style!

Favorite Game....

Loved the horsey!

He has a blast exchanging the whole dozen tickets he got!!

On top of that no one was ready to call it a night!! Ice cream it was!!

Harrison was set on "sprinkies" and sprinkies he got!!

Afterwards the boys went home and I to Wallyworld to cover several bases at one place! Of the things I left with, were small gifts for each of the days we will be gone. We are anticipating 6-7!

The simple but fun gifts look something like...

We hope this helps him even the littlest bit as we go!!


JaM said...

Love it! Soak up every moment with your sweet eldest son.

Christy said...

Sounds wonderful! :) Enjoy this time, even though you want to rush forward to that TC!