Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy 2 Years In Our Arms!

We celebrated our sweet boy all day today! We have had so much going on and it turns out we need to be all packed by Thursday Smile, but nothing would keep us from stopping to celebrate two years with our sweet boy and all that he means to us!

I swung by to get Brandon around lunchtime. We went and got some cupcakes and took them to Harrison and his classmates at preschool! I had pictures but they will not upload.

The kids loved them!!

We met close friends for dinner tonight! Harrison loves to go to “cook fire!” He was especially happy when we got there and he realized all of his favorites were there.

gotchaday2yr 001

gotchaday2yr 002

Mr. Daniel on the left is the husband of our Wednesday afternoon sitter, Mrs.Holly. She could not come so he brought her picture. It was absolutely so sweet!

gotchaday2yr 014

and he brought Harrison this bendable bunny present!! FUN!

gotchaday2yr 017

Harrison loves his JohnWill! He will just walk up to him and say “back” and ride around until he has to get off!!

gotchaday2yr 018

They are so sweet together! JohnWill made Harrison the sweetest card with Taiwan drawn on it and a $1 stuck to it. I did not get a picture but it was precious!

and to pull on my mama heartstrings a little more…how about a little perspective on how much our boy has changed in two years…

November 14, 2009 Read all about it HERE!gotcha1114

November 14, 2011

gotchaday2yr 002

Harrison is our fun-loving, always moving, constantly smiling, never a dull moment, loving and happy little guy!! While we think there will be a time for learning to share mom and daddy, we think he is going to be an AMAZING big brother! Just like a friend said tonight…it was a good two year run of being an only child!! He has taught us so much and we are so proud of him!

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Stevens Family said...

Happy 2 year gotcha day! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration :)