Sunday, November 20, 2011

Toddler Speak :)

There is a list of Korean words on the Korean Adoption Forum I am a part of. I picked ones that I knew would be handy with the twins to learn. I am going to type them out here. It helps me to remind myself as we are much closer to using them and I know that other adoptive parents(especially those going to Korea) might benefit from them too. Note that I am writing them the way it helps me most to be able to say them correctly. I doubt they will be described with these spellings anywhere else (except the short and common ones) I don't have them all memorized but have a cheat sheet to reference if I need to reference one I don't have memorized.

Sah wrong hey yo- I love you. or more informal ...Sah wrong hey.
Jin Jang Hey Yo- Calm Down
ool gee mah - don't cry
uh boo bah- back (getting in the carrier on our backs)
Ew Yoo- Milk
Mama- Eat
Ah Na- hug
OhPa- brother
Appa- dad
GahCoo- peekaboo
cah sah ha me knee dah- thank you
on yawng ha say oh- hello
po po -kiss
awnyo- No
Neigh- yes

Today, Meina helped me with these...

kwin chan ah- it's ok
ahn gee sey oh- sit down please
yep boo dah- pretty
jal sang yo dah- handsome
mull guh hajah- let's take a bath
be hang ee- airplane
eye goo- uh oh
oat ep tah- clothes
tile dah- goodnight for some reason I thought this one was Jahl Jang-Meina had no clue what I was saying!!
shin ball- shoe


Angannette said...

thank you. this is great!!

JaM said...

We used "It's ok" a lot. "Ah na" is also used for "carry" as an FYI.