Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Lion on a Mission- Halloween 2011

halloween2011 005

Our little Lion had the hang of the trick or treating thing by last night!! He was actually saying “cheese” here but the flash made him scrunch up his eyes!

The 3rd time was a charm for wearing his Lion hood. The last two times, at our churches Blessed Fest and at a trunk or treat my mom took him to with all his cousins


he just looked like a furry kid because the hood was off. We told him he had to wear it last night to get candy…lol!! He did so great! Our neighbor actually gave us this costume last year and it fit perfectly and is adorable, so I wasn’t about to go buy another costume!

halloween2011 003

Next year, we’ll be coordinating the three of them so I doubt we will be so lucky with free costumes….but next year, we won’t be trying to pinch pennies to travel across the world either(Lord help us, the tickets are getting higher by the day)!! lol!

halloween2011 010

I was wavering back and forth over sticking around our neighborhood to trick or treat or not. Yesterday afternoon, I called my friend Pam and their plan sounded like something we could join in on. Harrison and I ran by the Dollar Store and grabbed the goodies to make little treat bags for our neighbor kids. We wanted to still give them something even though we wouldn’t be home to pass out candy! Harrison wasn’t that much of a help at packing the bags because he was begging for some the whole time, but he was GREAT at passing out the goodies with me!


We spent a few minutes going house to house reverse trick-or-treating! Harrison even managed to come back with some candy because the neighbors wanted him to have some of their stash Smile 

halloween2011 002

We met them for dinner at 5pm and then we went to another friends house to trick or treat in a neighborhood where lots of people we know and go to church with live. It was the perfect night!

halloween2011 006

Our little Lion was roaring to go Smile It was hilarious to watch his little furry legs run so fast to keep up with the big kids.

halloween2011 007

He would follow the kids right up to each door and then bust right through like he owned the place. He would always say “trick-or-treat” and “thank you!!”

halloween2011 016

He was so tired by the end of the night, but WOULD NOT let go of his bucket! It was hysterical!

halloween2011 012

We had a gentle Lion on our hands….he got along so well with the monkeys we found…


halloween2011 013

It was a great night!! We loved watching our sweet boy interact with all the kids “mothering” him as we walked door to door with them and then the way he did not hold back when it came time to go up to each door! He is so much fun! We are so blessed to be his mommy and daddy!


Ashley said...

sweet little lion! I love him MUCH-O!!!!

Lana said...

He is precious!

Rainbow Mom said...

Maybe you can reuse the lion for Greer, dress Sophie as Dorothy, and Harrison as the Tin Man. Or Sophie as the lion, use the Tiger costume I have for Greer, and Harrison as a bear. Oh. My! Lol!