Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paris Baguette

I was the last one of us up this morning at 6am. I think the others were up at about 5am. LeeAnn went for a run in a park across the street while we all got ready and did some more organizing of all our stuff here in the condo. Once LeeAnn was back and ready, we headed to see what Paris Baguette was all about. I've seen many talk about it, but didn't know exactly what to expect. I knew bread was certainly something to look forward to.
From the DMCville, you walk past the front desk (it being on your right) take a right outside the doors. Walk to the first light (not far at all), take a left and a few blocks down, you'll come to the little square area with several shops and Paris Baguettes is one of them!

Remember this is what the front of the place looks like...

As we drove around the city today, we noticed many of these. This is what we found inside...

Brandon's mom is a vegetarian and recently discovered eliminating gluten from her diet is key to ridding her body of chronic pain and migraines she has had all of her life. This is her and Brandon talking with the girls at the shop about her options. I am pretty sure she left with coffee. She hasn't had too hard of a time finding things to eat everywhere we've gone. We knew the odds weren't hight at Paris Baguette, but it was worth an ask!!

We plan to take one of these desserts with us to the foster families house tomorrow afternoon.

They had some great looking sandwiches too.

Of course you saw what we ended up with...

When I blogged last I hadn't tried it out... but it only took a few bites to realize it was all delicious! I shared with Brandon :)

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