Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Fun Day–Day 3

Lastnight we took advantage of this deal…

bowling 568

minus the $1 drafts part Smile(and we didn’t get a drink either) So games and shoes it was!!

bowling 591

We got our shoes on and started the whirlwind! To say Harrison was into it is an understatement!!

bowling 572

bowling 578

He tried all kinds of ways to get the ball down the lane.

bowling 583

bowling 585

We even tag teamed it with him a bunch! He wanted to be in on the action!

bowling 574

bowling 588

bowling 587

This was his happy dance at the end of it all Smile 

bowling 589

Family Fun Day- Day 3…mission accomplished!! I guess this will be a countup….since we don’t know how many more days until travel(but we guess we will be leaving between 1-2 weeks)! We have some more “bigger” things and “smaller” things planned!! Today is going to be a lunchtime family fun hour Smile somewhere close to daddy’s work! Stay tuned for that fun!


This is the day! said...

What a great idea to plan fun time together before welcoming two sweet babes! Harrison is adorable and it looks like he was having a blast! Praying for your family.

mary leigh said...

um, the happy dance is cracking me up... no shoes and socks! :)

JaM said...