Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Fun -Day 4!

We know that our days of beautiful weather are numbered! It worked out that we could meet Brandon for lunch at this park that is right around the corner from his work! We go here often, but Harrison LOVES it and always asks to go feed the duckies here!

ducks 001

After lunch we took our $1 loaf of bread and fed the ducks/geese! Brandon and Harrison found that one specific duck acts like a dog when it comes to getting a treat! It was hilarious and a little anxiety producing for me at moments!

ducks 013

ducks 014

ducks 015

and then I tried to get a cute picture of Harrison and after all these…I had to laugh and give up!! LOL! Notice the “pet duck” is a little close for comfort! Brandon and Harrison were thrilled but I started to wonder when the duck was going to attack!! and yes, it’s wings are stuck like that…poor thing!

ducks 016

ducks 017

ducks 018

ducks 019

ducks 020

ducks 0210

ducks 022

ducks 023

ducks 024

We had a great lunch hour with daddy!!


E said...

I have to try and hide my fears of feeding birds when Emery and I do it together. Here, we have seagulls, and those things fly straight at your head catching the bread as you throw it...AHHHHHHHHH!

ayoung1119 said...

We love going to this place too- And it is right behind my work... when I first seen the duck that had the messed up wings, I was like "oh no is something wrong"..... but the duck seems ok with it so I guess it doesn't hurt lol.... And then also the 1 white big duck, funny!! Ur days are getting so close to having 3 munchkins!!! Ur little ones are so lucky to have u and Brandon as parents!!