Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blogging from the Sky!!

We are 15 minutes away from landing in Seoul! The sun is shining brightly outside my window although the pilot says it's mostly cloudy and 52 degrees in Seoul. I am wide awake and PUMPED to be so close to the city our precious babies reside in. My mind wanders to how the foster family is cherishing one of their last evenings with Sophie and Greer. It is a little sad for me to think about how we both (the foster family and our family) are experiencing two totally different types of countdowns. They are experiencing a lot of lasts together and we are anxiously anticipating all that we soon share with the kids. We have no doubt that the twins have been well loved by the foster family. As we pour over the photos and video we have gotten from them, that fact is clear. Their house is littered with every kind of toy a child could dream of having. Their interactions are so endearing. They have done so much for Sophie and Greer in the time they have had with them. Their devotion is certainly our families blessing. I can't wait to hug them tightly and share with them how very much they mean to us and how they will always be an important part of our children's lives.

On the video note, we did get one of Greer last weekend. We have watched it dozens of times. They wanted us to see him crawling and sitting up. This is a BIG deal. I promise you!! His crawl is more of a caterpillar scrunch, but our boy can get to what he wants! He was smiling so BIG and playing peekaboo with the foster mom. Sophie was in the background throwing a fit or two :) She wanted to be held by the foster brother and he seemed to be busy. She followed him around and let him know what she wanted. He did eventually sit down with her in the background and giver her a snack. She spilled it and was pretty upset about it. Foster brother helped her pick it up and put it back in the bowl and she was a happy camper again.

We are right on target for a 5pm landing in Seoul. The flight has been pretty uneventful. We have all slept on and off. We flew Asiana. It has been pleasant enough. I can't say I noticed a big difference in this airline and American Airlines. We flew AA with Harrison. While we don't have any complaints, we didn't with AA either. Many adoptive families who have flown to Korea and back highly encourage flying Korean Air or Asiana. Korean wasn't an option due to price and Asiana happened to be the best price!! There are many families with children on the flight and they have all done well. There is one dad with his toddler

son two rows up and he has been doing what I expect the twins will do on our return flight... Crying a little (not too terribly loud), eating, taking his dads(while his dad stands) seat with headphones watching some Peroro, and sleeping off and on.

Brandon watched some movies and I mainly read a book and slept when I wasn't just awake and hanging out. I didn't find much in the way of movies. The Help was on the brochure but never played.I was a little sad about that.

LeeAnn and Gary (Brandon's Parents) have been great. Sleeping, Reading, Eating, Watching TV! We will arrive,

get our luggage, find our driver holding up the Smith Family sign,

We stopped and let the boys exchange money. The lady in the picture is telling me not to take it!! Too late :)

and take our 1 hourish ride to the DMCville!! Here are the 3 amigos in the back!!

We were stuck in rush hour. It wasnt horribly slow but certainly bumper to bumper. I sat in the front and tested out my Korean on the cab driver. If he knew what I was saying, he would confirm it in English, if not, he would say, "Im sorry!"

I wrote this the last few minutes of the plane ride and then came back to add more details and the pictures. I'm not sure if the pictures are going to upload like I hope. We will see. If they are not where they should be, see if you can put the pieces of the puzzle together until I get a chance to fix them!!

Excitement Overload for sure!!

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