Sunday, October 2, 2011


Everyone is pitching in around the house to get ready for the twins!! I cleaned their carpets! MeMe painted all the edges of their room twice because no one in this house is good at that! I finished up the second coat of paint today and Grammy painted all the molding in the room. Last weekend, Brandon put together their IKEA dresser! Harrison was all about that project!!

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Of course, I’ve taken about 3 loads to Goodwill over the last few weeks. Purging and organizing!! Trying to rid the house of any excess that could cause any unnecessary stress as we focus on enjoying life with 3 kiddos! We are baby proofing everything possible and just kicking things up a notch as far as toddler friendliness in order to preserve any sanity that can be maintained!

Ikea failed us on the beds. We had 3 we were considering but all of them were on “quality” as in, they were looking into a problem with them! We are now looking into to some other options. I am hoping to solve that problem within the next few weeks!

Do you have any systems in place within your household that helps streamline caring for young kiddos?!

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The Henrys said...

The main organization advice we use in our house is to continually clean out throughout the year and that everything has a place in a container or cabinet and every container has a place to live:) I make it as user friendly as possible and we all do a good job with it as long as we are consistent and don't let things pile up:)