Sunday, October 9, 2011

He’ll Always Be My Baby



This charming and vivacious little guy made me mommy. I jumped right into the role with joy and determination. He fit our family like a glove! He has been a very special blessing from Day 1. He will always be my first and very special baby boy. A friend of mine told me that your first will always have a very special place in your heart and I believe it.

It has been a little over a month since I went from working full time to working part time at the church. Since then, Harrison and I have enjoyed many many special moments together. I have focused a good bit of my attention toward soaking up this time with him. He is spending his last weeks as an only child. I am spending my last weeks as a mom of one child.

As reality starts to sink in, I have to be honest, one of my biggest worries at this point, is how Harrison is going to handle the new world that we will soon be thrusting him into. Every day, he seems taller, smarter, and older as if the title of big brother just makes perfect sense. I find myself frequenting the travel entries on our blog as we went to Taiwan to bring him home and I can not believe how fast the time has gone and how much he has grown(in so many ways). He is such a miracle. We are so blessed to be a part of it!

Harrison loves all of his friends and does so well when we have them over and looks forward to when we will see them all again. I think he will enjoy the instant playmates that Sophie and Greer will be, but I also think it will not take long until he figures out that they aren’t going home…he won’t have a chance to miss them…and he will have to figure things out day by day. We all will. I have all these plans in my head as to how to prepare him and what we’ll do once home to ease the changes, but I know that the reality is, it could be ugly for a bit. or it couldn’t….


I am spending a lot of my time thinking and processing all that is to come. I replay best and worst case scenarios and try to get a game plan ready. I spend a lot of time praying for all of us involved. My prayers look something like this…

-For Me….supernatural patience, energy and the ability to find joy in a time that is sure to be full of craziness and to be able to focus on loving everyone at home WELL!

-Daddy’s balance and ability to hang tough at home and at work (cause let’s be honest…3 kids 3 and under…Mama is gonna need backup and the business he runs is not gonna run without him)

-Harrison’s ability to embrace his role of big brother and not to feel slighted in any way!!

-Our sweet Seoul Sister and Brother- that their hearts will be softened and as prepared as possible to receive the love we will lavish upon them as freely as they will allow!

I am so thankful for the amazing blessings that the Lord has lavished upon us as we follow His lead in growing our family. I can tell you it has been beyond all of our wildest dreams!! I give God all the Glory for writing such a spectacular story and the best parts is that it’s not over yet. It is surely To Be Continued Smile


Ashley said...

Love this! And LOVE you, Brandon, Harry and sweet twin babes! Can't wait til their home. I'll be praying for everyone's transition. :)

Ashley said...

OH... and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture of Harrison. You're right, he seems like such a boy rather than a baby now. :(

E said...

I find it so amazing that here we are again, two years later, becoming mommies all over again, together. I know it is so different, but this post captures so much of how I am feeling about adding Laurel to our family in a few short months. I am soaking up every day I have with sweet Emery, knowing that when Laurel comes home, it is going to be so different. I am praying for y'all, friend!

JaM said...

I agree, there is something so special about the first one. We love all our babies of course.

It is natural to feel that way because you have a strong actual attachment to your son. You love your twins like crazy but truth is you don't know each other yet. And that's ok. It'll grow just like it did for Harry. And he'll be fine too. It might take time but he'll be this amazing big brother and you'll just marvel at him all over again.

Carrie said...

I can't believe how big he's getting!