Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CHECK!- Gifts for Korea

I am trying to get something done every day to prepare for our trip to Korea. Today I marked what I consider a BIG-DEALIO-YO off the to-do list!! In 45 minutes(I was in a time crunch for getting Harrison from preschool), I swooped through TJMaxx and got the gifts we will be taking with us to Korea. Gift giving is very customary in Korea. It is very appropriate to show gratitude through a gesture such as a small gift. It seems simple enough, but I wanted to make sure that what I decided on was adequate and appropriate. Honestly, at this point, I’m still not sure lol! I have heard that Koreans are fashionably savvy. They love beauty products and American brands. So, I went with that!!

1. International Staff at Holt in Seoul- 4 ladies and a man.

I got the ladies the fancy body butter. I got 6, so you’ll see where the other 2 are going later!

I got the male a Calvin Klein tie!

2. DJ- the amazing social worker who seemingly does most of the “BIG” deal things with and for families.

Leather Gloves and Lotion and also a Ugandan Bead Necklace

3. Tour Guide- Popcorn with a TN postcard(Still need to get it) tied to it.

4. Driver from airport to hotel- Godiva Chocolates with TN postcard(still need the postcard)

5. Foster Brother (20ish yrs old)- Calvin Klein hat

6. Foster Sister – (21ish) – Steve Madden cosmetic bag and body butter

7. Foster Father- Polo sock set and Name Brand Tie

8. Foster Mother- Leather gloves, lotion, and hand towel. Also have ordered a drawing of the twins from a local artist that I will frame -8x10! I have really struggled with landing on what is good enough for this amazing woman who has done so much for and with our children as they wait to be united with us. I can’t imagine the heartbreak she is going to endure as the kids leave her care for ours.

9. The doctor that has done the twins physicals and overseen their medical care through Holt- Tie and probably some candy or local honey(still need)!

10. Nurse- Body Butter

I’ll probably add some chocolates and Starbucks Via to the body butters and maybe some lip gloss too!! They were a great deal and I feel like I need a little something more with them. I almost got some cute umbrellas for all the girls in the office, but then I found the body butter that looked fancy and was a little less expensive!!

I got 15 peoples gifts for a GREAT deal at TJMaxx! So thankful to have this almost covered!!

I have a load of the clothes I plan to pack for the twins washing now!! Trying to get ahead of the game in order to avoid unnecessary stress as time gets closer!

This is also one way I get through this wait!! The more I can keep busy and my mind occupied…the better!!

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Casey and Carra said...

Gifts were very hard to pick out. I think you did a great job!!