Monday, October 24, 2011


Friday Night, we had the pleasure of good company and Korean cuisine!! The next day there was to be a play date with families who had adopted from Korea (or in our case are adopting from Korea)! You may recognize MaryLeigh, Nick, and the boys!! Then on the left there is Julie and Derek with their sweet Will! They flew in from Wisconsin to join in the fun! They stayed with the Browns so we all decided to enjoy some Korean on Play Date Eve!koreanweekend 012

We ordered 3 very common Korean items…Mandu (dumplings which we love and are familiar with), Bulgogi (marinated beef with rice) OUR favorite of the night, and

koreanweekend 008

BeeBimBap (veggies, beef, rice, with egg on top all in a bowl)!! We really enjoyed all 3 and feel great about going to Korea and ordering any of them! Harrison was shoveling in until the end Smile

koreanweekend 005

The kids were great, the food was delicious, and the company was stellar!! What a great night!!

We headed home, got into bed, and were up and at em’ by 6am Saturday to head to DinosaurWorld!

More on that soon!


Karen said...

you will have to come to the Kramers for dinner sometime! That is pretty regular fare around here:) I need to tell you a fe other really yummy things!

Cindy said...

Looks like fun! We will have to try that one soon. It was so nice to meet you guys Saturday. Praying the twins will be home very soon.

Tamara said...

Where are you? I had no idea we had korean close to us? Our FAVE!!!!!