Sunday, October 2, 2011

6 Years!

Saturday marked 6 years since this Smith family was established Smile We did not do anything too unique this weekend because we did celebrate my birthday and our anniversary a few weekends ago!


We had been planning on going to Ikea in Atlanta to get the twins bedroom stuff. We had a shopping list and all kinds of fun things planned. All of that didn’t turn out exactly as we had hoped due to things being out of stock and such, but we went and we managed to enjoy one night away!!

atlantaweekend 452

I had asked for birthday money from family to go towards the tickets. It paid for mine. We still had to get Brandon’s! We came up with a brilliant plan. We went with friends!

atlantaweekend 449

MaryLeigh and I left bright and early Friday morning. We needed both cars because we both would have things to take back from Ikea. The boys stayed back until Brandon could leave work around lunchtime. We got to Ikea around lunch, enjoyed lunch, and pressure-free browsing. We made our list for when we’d return with the boys Saturday. Afterwards, we went to our hotel and waited on the boys to meet us. Then it was off to dinner and the show!! IT.WAS.AMAZING!!!!!! I didn’t have my camera but just trust me!! We had a blast!! All four of us!

As you can probably guess….our IKEA strategy for girly shop day Friday and then the down to business purchase day Saturday (with the guys) worked very well!

atlantaweekend 453

The guys were great on Saturday!!

atlantaweekend 455

We had lunch at The Varsity before heading back home!

We spent our actualy anniversary enjoying the fruits of our family Smile We ran a few errands Saturday morning and then we joined a local organization/adoption fellowship group, The 1:27 Call, for a local tailgating and homecoming college football game. I guess it was about time we introduced Harrison to some football. We realized he was confused when he starting chanting “Bay-Ball” (baseball!) He caught on the football idea quickly. He especially loved the cheerleaders and the band….cause they move and groove and he is a fan of moving and grooving  you know!


harrison 030

Look at these Heavenly blessings…

harrison 012

harrison 033

harrison 023harrison 034

harrison 024

We had a great day Saturday and celebrated in a way that is SO US Smile We are so proud of this past 6 years, where the Lord has us, and where He continues to lead us!

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E said...

I think one of the BEST things about anniversaries is being able to look back and say, "I'm so thankful for how far the Lord has brought us"! happy 6 years!