Friday, September 16, 2011

My New BFF

I’m not sure you could count how many times I’ve recited this to myself recently! I am having to reclaim my thoughts on a VERY regular basis. Sometimes it’s hour by hour….sometimes it’s minute by minute!!


Don’t think I am not taking advantage of the “with Thanksgiving present your request to God part” Just as much as I recite this…I present my request!


It is simple, our children need to be home. We saw their sweet faces for the first time Feb. 21st. They are 18 months old. They have special needs. They need their forever family and more medical care than they can get in foster care. We have the option of sending them to an institution in order to get additional therapy/care, but we are trying to hold off on making that HUGE decision until we have a better idea of whether or not we’ll travel this year.


These things are true… but I also know that they have a Heavenly Father who knows them and His plan for their lives more intricately than I ever could and He’s got this!


This is still tough stuff for a mommy’s heart folks.

Pray for our children. Pray for miracles with regard to their health. Pray for miracles with regard to them coming home. Pray for their foster parents endurance. Pray for those making decisions regarding the care of the children in their birth country. Pray for my mommy heart and mind. Pray.Pray.Pray. Thank you!

Oh, and yes, you may have noticed we got new pictures!! Evidently, the foster mom has been collecting pictures since May. We got 3 cd’s full of photos. The one below is a VERY favorite!! Our sweet Sophie taking great care of her bear!!! Carrying it on her back just like her foster mom probably carries the two of them! PRESH!


We are extremely thankful to have been blessed with these pictures. It is certainly bittersweet though. We are blown away with the very obvious love and care that the foster parents are giving our children. That realization comes with the harsh reality that our children are bonded with adults that they understand to be their parents. At some point, we are going to be a part of the biggest heartbreak of their lives. So lastly, please please please pray for their little hearts and minds and for the Lord to prepare them in some way to receive our love. It breaks our hearts just thinking about being a part of breaking theirs.


Leah said...

LOVE this post!

JaM said...

I love the picture of Sophie carrying her bear.

We pray for your babies and their parents (all of them) every day. *HUG*

Liz said...

Oh April, I can't wait to see y'all bring them home!!! I love those pictures!!

jnbjourney said...

definitely praying for ya'll! I understand what you mean about causing them heartbreak. That is one of my biggest fears about being an aMom, at some point they will understand what it means to be adopted and they will greive their first families. It hurts me now, and it allows the enemy to fuel my insecurities about being a good mom... praying for your peace. Love and blessings!!