Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good News & Bad News

Bad News: We quit on potty training. There is a story that led to the grand finale, but I’ll save that! I was never so happy to put a diaper back on his bottom. We’ll revisit potty training sometime.

Good News: We are totally done with pacifiers around here!

Back story…

A little over a month ago, we tried to take away Harrison’s paci!! He actually did really well. He only asked for it a few times. The PROBLEM however was he WOULD.NOT fall asleep. For three nights, we were up until midnight-ish! It seemed he wasn’t even aware of the reason he wasn’t settling down. He did not even ask for his paci at this point (the few times he asked were during the day). He was majorly agitated and could not settle down. He was a mix of loopy and angry. On the third night at 11:30pm, I gave in.

Ever since, he was obsessed with his paci. He had only had it in the car and at bedtime, but after the traumatic 3 days, he wanted it and begged for it 24/7. This picture is a product of that! Too funny.


A little over a week and a half ago, we took the plunge again and it has been easy breezy! Each time he asks, I just say we don’t have paci anymore and it’s all gone! He takes that information for what it is. We started using melatonin at night the first night and that helps him to not prolong falling asleep. He had also been taking an hour to wind down at bedtime so we took the advice of some friends who had used it (per advice of their pediatrician) and thought that taking the paci away as we began to use it, would kill 2 birds with one stone. It is over the counter in the pharmacy vitamin section.

Our baby is growing up!

Tomorrow, he is going on a fieldtrip with his preschool to the fire station. He will be beside himself! He points to the station each day walking into preschool and now he gets to visit! perfect!


4 Blessings said...

That picture is too funny!

JaM said...

Glad to hear that the paci is gone! That's so difficult, we're still working on it here. Have to be careful with melatonin, it's a short term solution otherwise they stop making it themselves.

April said...

Thanks JaM, we certainly don't plan to use the melatonin long term...as that was part of what our friends pediatricians mentioned, but we were hoping to get him used to being without the paci for a few weeks!