Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Field Trip

I was thrilled to be able to attend Harrison’s first field trip this morning. I spent about 30 minutes in class with him as he did opening activity (puzzles), circle time, and snack. It was special and fun!! He is so into it all!! I love that about him…his tenacity!

firestation! 001

firestation! 002

Then we lined up and headed across the street to the fire station…

firestation! 005

Listened to the fire safety instructions…

firestation! 011

Tried to convince Bates that it wasn’t so bad (he loved it…it was just a little overwhelming)

firestation! 025

and confirmed the fact that we are SOOOO in an awkward photo posing stage!! It is hilarious…

firestation! 026

firestation! 027

Loved this special morning with our boy !!!