Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camping & Canoeing

A few weekends back, we took a group of kids from our church camping and canoeing. Harrison even helped me get ready…


He loved helping me pack up all the supplies in the boxes!


We have done the canoe thing a couple times over the last few years.


Camping is a different story. The place we normally stay at, had gone up on their rates and now have  a two night minimum!


That is not something our kids families can/want to afford. I remembered that the place also had a campground. I thought it couldn’t be that bad and was certainly cost effective. Well, I thought wrong. Let’s just say, me and camping just aren’t friends. We did take Harrison and he was fabulous (the least of our worries actually) It’s just, camping takes a lot of work and tweenagers (as precious as they may be) aren’t really into work so much and require a lot of supervision to remain levelheaded and considerate of those around you. Brandon and Harrison helped them stay motivated some…


We got through Friday night and packing up Saturday and then it was absolutely wonderful! The kids had a great time. The weather and the canoeing were great!



We will for sure be canoeing again, but it would take a lot to get me to agree to camping!! Fun memories were made either way!!

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Tara said...

oh girl! i feel your pain. we took almost 30 teenagers to CAMP OUT at the lake at the end of JULY. First of all, it is SUPER hard work. Second, it was HOTTT. Third, I felt like their SLAVE. ;) It was a good week. I think that some of them grew closer to God. But, dang, I was ready to come home!!!