Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weeklong ParTay!!!

Everyone always makes fun of me because I tend to celebrate my birthday over a week long stint!! I have lots of people who want to celebrate with me! So I do lots of birthday lunches!!

Harrison spent the night with Brandon’s parents Friday after the fair. So, Saturday we celebrated in all kinds of special kid-free ways before reuniting with them at dinner!


Brandon worked the morning half of the day. I used a gift card that I got on Mother’s Day for a massage while waiting for him to get off!! It was delightful and perfect!! After my  massage, we went to the hospital to visit a sweet little girl that goes to our church. She has pneumonia and we are praying for her fever to break.

We had lunch, during which, I tried to talk Brandon into going to look at minivans but, that came to an abrupt halt when we got the fortune cookie…lol! Afterwards,

birthdaysophieshoes   birthdaysweetceces


I found some tiny Toms I would have totally used my birthday money on for Sophie had I known her shoe size Smile I got a lovely frozen yogurt instead…my current favorite: vanilla with fruity pebbles!! We caught a movie before having dinner with Brandon’s family. His mom’s birthday is tomorrow so it was a dinner for the both of us!

After church today, my parents had a taco lunch for us!! They know my love language, Mexican!


I have at least two more birthday lunches this week!! I think it’s safe to say, I eat my way through my birthday!!

I think you all know my biggest birthday wish….to get our sweet Korean duo home ASAP!! We’re praying for Thanksgiving!!


Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT birthday weekend! Happy birthday and enjoy the rest of your week!

Alison said...

Happy Birthday Week!!! :)

JaM said...

Happy Birthday! Why not take a week and celebrate?! ^_^