Saturday, August 20, 2011


Harrison started the phase into preschool this week!

He went Monday for half of the day. He did GREAT! Only thing is…this LOSER mom totally did not set the alarm correctly! I woke up at 8:01am!! Preschool started at 8:15am and it takes 15 minutes to get there. I had everything ready, but I had to get the both of us ready!

That would be why Harrison is still enjoying breakfast as we walk in!!


and that is how I totally missed the cowlick until I looked at the picture!! I can’t believe how big our sweet boy is!


We love Mrs.Beth and Mrs.Ann already!!


One of the best things is Harrison’s good buddy, Bates, is in his class and Bates’ little brother, Brodie, is right next door!


We had a celebratory lunch for the first half day!


Harrison has done a half day and full day and has done so very well!! He had his first full day Wednesday. We are going to love preschool!!


Kim said...

He is such a cutie! Glad to hear that his first day went so well!

joy said...

So cute! Love the backpacks on the little guys. Glad it went well!