Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Misc. Monday

I had a great lunch with my co-workers today! No photos of that though Smile I went to preschool to get Harrison set up to go home with his friends, Brodie and Bates, until I got off in a few hours. He was still napping when I got there and was not feeling getting up…


He was O-U-T!! He got up pretty quick once I started talking to him. We made it out to the car. I put Harrison’s car seat in with his friends and headed out. Within a few minutes, MaryLeigh sent me this picture message…


Harrison loves to hold hands.

Before I went to pick Harrison up, I stopped by an office supply store to get some supplies to get our adoption paperwork in order. The mess I had made of it all was kind of getting crazy. Harrison’s was thrown in a drawer with no rhyme or reason and there is so much from the twins adoption that I need to print, gather, and sort!! I am proud to say that I completed Harrison’s all tonight! I am so glad. I still need to turn that year(2009) of my blog posts related to the adoption into a book and I still want to make a video of his adoption!! I know, I know I am behind. Nothing more motivating than realizing if one kiddo set me back this far…I don’t want to wait to see how much 2 more will. Here is just an idea of the set-up of the binder…


The paperwork mess above was the result of me digging everything out that I knew needed to be sorted! Plane tickets, a newspaper from Taipei on our family day, pictures of our first days together, birth parents info, referral info, Visa Info, etc!

bindercover     adoptionbook

this is the cover of the binder and then how I organized the tabs with certain paperwork, photos, and keepsakes behind each category they are applicable to! I’ll also print the blog from that time period(should have done this by now) and put them all together in a plastic tub (got that idea from MaryLeigh) with his gotcha day outfit, bottles, and other things too large to fit in a binder but worthy of keeping! Tomorrow night I’ll start printing all of the twins info and organizing their pictures and such.

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JaM said...

It feels good to get the paperwork organized. Glad you were able to do that. Loved the pictures, too cute!