Thursday, August 25, 2011

A letter for Sophie…

To our Sweet little Seoul Sister,

or should we say Sassy Pants? We can not help but giggle each time we get an update on you baby girl!! Your personality shines brightly even on paper. We could not contain our joy upon seeing your precious face in our email this afternoon!


Pigtails, Ice Cream remnants, and a kissy face? It is all we can do not to hop on a plane to Seoul, arrive, and swoop all 22lbs of your precious little self into our arms and hold on tight until someone says we can bring you home!

We loved seeing you taking care of and loving on your brother in the pictures today. That makes mommy and daddy so proud. Your report shared how you like to put on your foster sisters clothes and jewelry and how you do really well running errands with Omma.  It sounds like Appa is your favorite. The report shared that you know when to expect him home and will wait at the door around that time to welcome him. Daddy is pretty thrilled at the idea that he could very well be the apple of your eye one day!!


We also read that you love to eat and two of your words are food and snack!! You will fit in just fine around here. Mommy is a little worried that in order to sleep it says Omma has to hold you tight and pretend to sleep so you will and THEN you “roll all around the room while sleeping.” It should be and adventure figuring that one out! 

We are doing all we can to get you home. We are waiting on the final steps of the process to be taken care of in Korea and then we will be on our way. We are praying constantly as we are strong and take heart in the Lord for He knows the desires of all of our hearts and he is preparing yours. It won’t be long now Sophie!

Loving you fiercely from afar,

Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother


Kim said...

she is just too cute for words!!

Tonya said...

Beauty beyond words!!!