Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Letter for Greer

Precious Little Brother,

Mommy and Daddy got updated photos and progress reports on you and sister today. If we could, we would come right through the computer screen and smother you with hugs and kisses!! You look amazing! You were sitting up so well in your seat and you were sporting a shirt we sent in your last care package. It is exciting to see how far you have come since February when we first laid eyes on your squishy cheeks. We praise God for that and we continue to pray so hard for you because you, sweet boy, can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!


There was a picture where you look quite grouchy(but a pretty cute kind of grouchy)! I am pretty sure it had something to do with sister holding onto the snack puffs that you were wanting a piece of. A few photos later, she fed you one, and it seems things started looking up!!


We are putting together another care package to send to you this month and we will be sure to stock you two up on puffs. It is so fun to get updates on you two. This month we have learned that you, specifically, love your milk and your Omma! We know that you can give high fives, shake hands, and make the motion for I Love You (drawing your arms above your head and turning your fingers toward the center as a heart). We have taught your big brother to do the same! Sounds like you are quite the charmer! Something that makes us soooo happy is how much it appears that you and sister love each other.


Your report stated that you are always looking for Sophie and when you see her you smile so big. Sophie’s report gave details of how she pushes you over in physical therapy and how she “reads” you books! From the headlock she is trying to give you in the picture above, we see her affections for you as well Smile

You are sitting pretty handsome at 17lbs and we are praying for you to grow!! You look like a perfect little package to us, we just want to make sure your nutrition is as good as it can be. We know you can, we know you can, we know you can little buddy!

We CAN.NOT.WAIT to come to Seoul and meet Omma and Appa and thank them dearly for the excellent care they have provided for you and sister!! What we are looking forward to most though, is bringing you two to your forever home and family. Until then, we are praying our little hearts out and putting our trust in the Lord and His perfect timing. We pray for your health and your heart as you don’t quite know it yet, but big changes are coming. They will seem different at first, but we know that the Lord will heal your little hearts and minds as love grows! We are coming sweet one!! Hang in there!

Loving you fiercely from afar,

Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother

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Precious and perfect in every way!!