Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun @ the Fair!

We love to go to the same fair every year!! It is always around the week of my birthday, so it’s one fun thing we can do “for my birthday!” Our niece, Breah, was in the pageant so we planned to go on that night!

fair 020

Breah had already changed out of her dress at this point!! She was gorgeous and did a great job!

fair 003

I think this will be an annual photo tradition!! Harrison absolutely LURVES the corn on the cob! He ate more than half of mine and as much of Grammy’s as he could get his hands on!!

fair 007

He thought this goat was something!!!

fair 014     fair 028

Wilbur & “LamaLama Mad@Mama” made Harrison’s night!!

fair 023

fair 017

fair 030

Grammy spend a lot of time with us after the pageant as we rode rides and checked out the animals and choo choos! Harrison loves Grammy!!

fair 025  fair 024

We shared a funnel cake as dessert at the end of the night! Harrison was devastated by the fact that he could not hold the plate! He threw a little fit in his car! It was the only fit of the night though and that’s pretty good since we did not leave until well after bedtime! It didn’t take long before he chose the funnel cake over continued fit throwing Smile

fair 036

Harrison loved the pony ride we found on our way out of the fair!! It was not too busy so he got to go for a little while! He rode like a pro!!

Until next year….when we have 3 kiddos to put on ponies!

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JaM said...

LOL I LOVE the corn cob photo!!!