Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

We have been SUPER buys lately!! Running to and from everywhere and anywhere!! I have been MIA due to the big happening last weekend, our benefit dinner! More on that soon.

I am wrapping up my last 2 weeks of full time work!! Praise the Lord! I am ready for a better balance of all the things I am a part of and enjoy in life and while that includes my job, I love that I am so blessed to be able to share my job with one of my closest friends now!! She is going to take on some administrative aspects and oversee preschool, while I work with the older kids! The kids will see no difference, but the office will see me much less and my boy will see me lots more. I will work 9 hours a week while he is in preschool Mondays and Wednesdays and then the times we are at church!!

Despite our crazy busyness, we manage to squeeze in quality time too!!

Harrison had a blast “painting” with shaving cream.

benefit.misc 005

Eventually, it made it to his mouth, but he quickly realized the error of his ways!

benefit.misc 011

We are digging watermelon!!

benefit.misc 020

and his mama’s phone!! He calls it “my phone” and every morning he goes straight for it or the pantry!! It is always a toss up!

benefit.misc 021

We went to superhero night at ChicFilA to score a free meal!! Our friend Leighton and cousin Breah joined in the fun!

benefit.misc 030

Brandon and I started leading a new connect group (small group) at our church! More on that soon too! We had access to a sand volleyball court for our Kick-off BBQ and to say Harrison loved every second of it is an understatement. He went swimming in the stuff!!

benefit.misc 064

If you look hard, you’ll see Harrison in the middle of the guys on the right! He was right in the middle and could not understand, for the life of him, why I was calling him out!! I ended up just letting him play!

benefit.misc 056

He sure had the right idea….

benefit.misc 068

Harrison loves his closest big boy buddies!! He calls them, collectively, “Da BOYS.” He just thinks they are the greatest!! They think the same!!


Of course, he saves his grandest affections for his very favorite big big boy!!!


Grammy pays for each grandchild to do their favorite activity!! Harrison has chosen gymnastics for now! It is a perfect fit for our little monkey too!! He is younger than the rest of his class and has to be reminded to sit still when it’s circle time, but hey…it is all in fun!! He will learn!


I will be posting about his first days of preschool soon!

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Rainbow Mom said...

I love the perfect volleyball stance. That just might be his thing.