Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tid Bits…

I look forward to finding time to dive into these books…you know, cause I have so much spare time on my hands!!


and I love love love loved walking into the bedroom the other night to find these sleeping beauties….


as you can see we are very strict at bedtime Smile Actually, Harrison was all about daddy’s business that night and I needed him out of mine so this was a quick solution to bedtime.

Oh and remember that shirt painting project? Well, here was the end result…


We had so much fun! We happened to sit our herd beside an older gentleman. He looked at us with wide eyes as we sat down, but our little ones were surprisingly VERY WELL BEHAVED!! He complimented us on our parenting skills…as he left we all laughed and said that it was only a matter of minutes before things could have changed. I love me some adoption mama time!! We are truly kindred spirits. They are all a mixture of supportive, funny, and encouraging in so many ways that I can appreciate!

Matters of business….

1. The winner of the book contest has not gotten with me to claim the prize! That was announced HERE! If I don’t have an email of their address claiming their prize by tomorrow, I am going to have to draw another name!

2. Necklaces to match the Ordinary Hero T-shirt sales will ship with the book later this week.

3. Did ya’ll notice how many exclamation points I used in THIS post?? Holy Cow! I am excited about what I have to share here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact, this post has quite a few too. Hope ya’ll don’t mind. I’m not a English guru or writer, I would put myself in the category of enthusiastic sharer. I have heard people complain about reading blogs where people always have typos, too many comas (I always throw them in to be safe), etc etc!! Well they would hate my blog!

4. Oh and I’ll probably post this question in its own blog post because surely many have stopped reading by now, but how do you mama’s of you several younger children do it?? Do you have any tips to share with me? Things I need? Strategies to use? Your laundry, dinner, and going out and about with all them alone secrets??


Angela Braniff said...

I am reading Radical right now, and I am LOVING it! It will challenge your way of thinking and living!

Liz said...

My three kids were born within a 4.5 year span. And later on we actually had custody of our niece & nephew for a year, so during that time I had 5 kids who were all born within a 4.5 year span! We sure turned heads when we went out to eat. LOL!

But seriously, what specifically are you looking for? Baby stage ideas? Logistics of how to do things? Not sure what to answer. Email me! lizreeves2@aol.com

C, A, and girls said...

I found your blog today on emily's really living blog, but thought I'd post! My girls two and four, twenty two months apart. If you're shopping, my first advice is PARK NEAR A CART CORRAL with carts. Then you can load one toddler, strap them in, load the other toddler, and not have to be far away when the first one figures out how to stand up regardless of the strap. Same thing on the leaving end. Just make sure to sanitize hands as well as cart when you get inside! Target has popcorn and a drink for a dollar fifty, which is how I shop when I can. That, or at places with LOTS of samples! The Kroger near us gives out free cookies at the deli counter and balloons if you ask.

For laundry, use a color catcher, or vinegar, and wash everyone's load individually. Then you can put it away easily!

For dinner, I plan a week in advance and my husband gets to watch the kiddos for a couple of hours on Sunday so I can cut up and wash vegetables and prep anything humanly possible. When I make anything freezable, I make double. We're vegetarian, but my MIL swears by browning several pounds of meat at once and freezing them in one pound bags to add to spaghetti or tacos. My dad always froze meatballs, and I, as a vegetarian, freeze homemade falafel and black eyed pea burgers, soups and chili, fruit for smoothies, premade waffles and muffins, and caramelized onions, roasted garlic, spaghetti sauce, and pesto. Plus, I can food so it's readily available and healthy. I know I'm a random reader, but hope that helps! My sister is six months pregnant with her second, also due twenty two months apart, so it's fresh on my mind! Also, a sit and stand that has two seats, one of which is removable to make it a sit and stand. You can actually fit two small children on the small part of a sit and stand if their legs go out of the side. We do this often when we have a friend with us and the four year olds get tired. However, when they were younger, I wish I'd had the option of the second seat to REALLY buckle them in!

April and Nate said...

Please do book reviews!!! I have been trying to read a lot of adoption books too - but I would love to hear about your favorites. I finished "The Connected Child" and loved it. I am currently reading "Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child." I am learning a TON but it is breaking my heart learning about all our kiddos have/will go through.

Future Mama said...

Yes, please post updates on what you think of those books!! And C, A, and girls...love all your tips!!

Much love,
Future Mama

Ashley said...

I only have two children, as you know, but one thing I always do is when we go somewhere and I clean out the diaper bag when we get home, I immediately put back in what I took out because you never know you might need to run out in a hurry and the bag is always ready.

The Thomasson's said...

I have a 3,4,and 5 year old. Our 4 year old is our Taiwan Princess who has been home about 7 months. One thing I have done was bought several of those cubes with the fabric boxes that go with them. Ours are the ClosetMaid Cubeicals® 2 Cube Organizer White. I have them lined under our window in our bedroom for the kids clothes. This makes laundry so much easier to get put away. I keep their "everyday" clothes in there. If we have a special occasion I still use their closet to hang those clothes up, but everyday clothes go in the cubes. Our daughter has CP and our bedroom is the only carpeted bedroom in our house, so we typically do her stretches and get her dressed in there anyways. This has saved me so much time in putting away laundry and it makes getting ready for bed or dressed in the morning a lot quicker also, since the boys can get dressed or pick out their clothes, while I am doing our daughter's stretches or getting her braces on, but I can still see and help all of them.

jnbjourney said...

you should post that question in a post where people can link up with their answers on their blogs - i'd like to know too... i have some insight, but i'm still working on how...