Monday, July 4, 2011

Squeezing Every Last Bit

of family time in! We normally have our weekends PACKED FULL…running everywhere with everyone doing everything! This weekend has been a welcomed break from such behavior Smile We have hardly known what to do with ourselves with so much “openness” in our schedule. Friday night, we took Harrison to his first for real movie…if you count the drive-in.

4thofjulyweekend 002

There is so much less risk involved with this method of taking a 2 1/2 yr old to the movies! Not to mention, much less expensive. He did pretty well! He got a little restless at times, but we still had a great time! As soon as Cars came on the screen he went kind of crazy. He isn’t necessarily familiars with the Cars series, but he is recently into cars of all kinds, so it was up his alley for sure!

4thofjulyweekend 006

4thofjulyweekend 009

Saturday, I had coffee with a friend and then picked up some things for care package #2 for our sweet Sophie and Greer.

4thofjulyweekend 026

P.S. – there is this great pressure (you know…from me, myself, and I) to match the twins! BOY/GIRL twins matching is hard (I’ve had great success with PJ’s though)…especially when I love all things girly…that puts me in a pickle when it comes to Greer if I am going to match them! So I have to bend one way or another…non-matching or Sophie goes more neutral!! I’ve managed to collect a few things here and there that do match…and there are going to have to be times that I have to let it go. It is really harder for me to do that than it should be Smile I also have to keep in mind the many many many hand-me-downs and totes of clothes I have from Harrison being that size! So, I am trying to pull those out and coordinate things that way too!

4thofjulyweekend 028

Saturday night, we spent some time on the back patio trying out some small fireworks. Harrison and I both were pretty freaked so we went inside and watched out the window while Daddy lit some for us to see! I don’t know if it’s that I am a mommy now or what…but self-lit fireworks are so unpredictable and louder than I remember!

4thofjulyweekend 029

Brandon came in to play some video games and Harrison climbed right up and perched right in his lap like this!! It was too sweet and funny!

4thofjulyweekend 040

We tried to go to bed for what seemed like 3 hours Saturday night. Some crazy neighbors were setting off fireworks until 11:45pm! Some very bad thoughts were going through my head at that point towards those crazy people! Harrison wasn’t pleased either!

We worked in the yard a little here and there!

4thofjulyweekend 013

Harrison was not crying here although it kinda looks like it with this particular cheesy face!

Today we had another low key day at home! We headed across the street for a neighborhood fireworks show this evening and I will share more about that soon!

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Carissa said...

Speaking from experience here, to match boy girl twins they have to be very small or you have to know how to sew or know someone who does. I make every single one of the twins matching outfits. I love Christmas and their birthdays as I usually create something new and amazing for each of them that matches somehow! They will be 4 this year and I am sure when they hit 5 I will have to even more creative but I am lucky even by Korean standards they are small, I guess being born at 25 weeks will do that to you :) if you need help let me know...also look for shorts or pants for the boy (sorry cannot remember how to spell their names) and a matching skirt or over dress for the girl then put similar color shirts with the bottoms. Also, Carters and Polo are the best to find matching, sometimes Oshgosh gets in othe action. If you need more e-mail me, I can also help you out with patterns if you or someone you know sews!