Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Medical Costs Associated w/ Adoption

We are working hard every day to get fully funded with our adoption fees and to have enough for travelling when the time comes! The Lord continues to make it happen! A little at a time for sure, but every time something happens, it is a reminder as to who is in control! We are so thankful! A week ago, we went to our local International Adoption Clinic. Most people do this pre-referral acceptance, but we are passed that and needed help in putting together a plan for best determining what we’re dealing with with the twins special needs and who to see and what to do as we provide the best care possible for our sweet babies. Greer is going to need the most immediate care and attention. Sophie just has a special need we will keep an eye on as she grows! 


Brandon met me there. I took this picture because I was so proud I made it all the way there without calling Brandon for directions! I’ve only been there dozens of times, but I always 2nd guess myself and panic when driving somewhere like this in a big city alone! I told Brandon I felt like I checked a box on the grownup checklist in doing so without calling him freaking out! Smile

We sent our grant application to The Sparrow Fund a week before our appointment.


They are a newer organization that provides grants for the costs associated with medical review and consultation pre-adoption. Sunday night, we got an email from The Sparrow Fund.  We were notified less.than.2.weeks from applying that we had been approved for a grant in the full amount of that consultation. We were thrilled!! We were going to get a bill for a huge chunk of change if not and considering we are putting all extra funds to our adoption fees, this is a huge weight lifted!

We left Vanderbilt with a list of the following specialists to see once we’re home:





I told a friend this list and she said…”whoa that’s a lot” and I said, “It’s only 4, I thought that was pretty good “Smile Mama and Daddy are gonna do what Mama and Daddy gotta do!

Also on the to-do list: Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, & Physical Therapy (Greer is already getting PT twice a week in Korea)!!

We are planning a dinner benefit in August where we’ll have a silent auction and dinner on the farm! We are hoping this will go a long way towards our fees. We know two couples who have done something like this recently and who have great success.

We applied for a grant with LifeSong and they called me Friday but I was not near my phone. They left a message and said they were going to call again this Friday morning…I’ll be stuck to my phone like glue! We are hoping this is some good news too! It would be a great blessing to  be able to match what we are blessed to raise at our Adoption Benefit Celebration in August it would put us so close to our goal! The Lord is faithful and we know He funds what He favors! It has been so clear that He favors this growth in our family!! 

If any of you reading have something you’d like to donate for our Silent Auction, please email me at smithfamilyadoption (at) gmail (dot) com We are working to collect these items and have some great ones so far!


Leah said...

Aiden and I are headed there today! Love that hospital! Hate driving downtown also, by myself but I will conquer! :) Congrats on the twins, I've been watching them for a while and so happy to see they will have a forever home, so close to my home! :)

love3bug said...

Hi April, It is a small world in the adoption circle. My friend from church and I were talking the other day and realized we both know of you and visit your blog. You all have fun on your lunch playdate Friday. Maybe we can do lunch this December on my way through TN. Best of luck on your fundraising. Mandy

Future Mama said...

Wow, so many updates!! I will be praying for all these developments :-) Can't wait to hear the news on Friday!

Much love,
Future Mama

Lani said...

Hi April,

What sort of auction items are you looking for? I would love to send you something. Would you prefer a purchased item or homemade? I live in Canada so let me know your thoughts.


Tonya said...

Hey April,
Like the poster above, I'm wondering what kind of items do you want donated. We would like to contribute something!
Tonya, Janie, & Lexie