Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

Yummy Independence Morning Brunch Smile We all slept in!

4thofjuly 007

Harrison was up on his chair helping me cook and about 10 minutes in I looked down at him to find that he did not have a diaper on! Funny moment…totally true story! Love that kid!

We hung around the house until our neighborhood 4th of July cookout! We are always so busy so it’s nice to find time to spend time with our neighbors. We really have great ones.

4thofjuly 003

I had A LOT of fun making this!! Fruit skewers designed like the flag. It was just so easy to be so darn cute! Smile Recently, I discovered the world of Pinterest! That is where the idea for this beauty came from!

4thofjuly 013       4thofjuly 017

Harrison was not on his A GAME this weekend. You can kind of tell in his face…poor baby. He had a fever (not at this time) and was really clingy. He seems to be better now. Sweet tea and a racquet made it a little better!

4thofjuly 015

Sweet boy wanted to be in one of our laps the whole evening. That is not normal for him!! He is normally super social.

4thofjuly 018     4thofjuly 027

I love these guys!! Harrison loves watching Barney on Daddy’s phone! That got us through dinner without him in our laps.

4thofjuly 035

Yes, I coordinate us! Can’t even WAIT to match the 5 of us! It is almost to exciting for me to think about!!

4thofjuly 020

We had  a very traumatic experience with our last haircut (one week before Easter). We are going as long as possible without another one!! Spikey works for us for now!

4thofjuly 039

Harrison did not want daddy lighting fireworks!

4thofjuly 058

We were headed home at this point. Harrison looks like he’s ready huh? Our house is right behind us!

4thofjuly 074

Harrison loves to perch himself around Brandon’s shoulders with his tiptoes on his waistband! It is too funny and so cute!

4thofjuly 059

Our neighbors got some really nice fireworks this year. Harrison wasn’t necessarily impressed with them. He did not love them nor did he hate them…but he was not sure about them.

4thofjuly 068

He kept getting startled so I took him inside and pushed his bed by the window and we watched out the window. It was a sweet time together. Although, it got really unsweet from about 12-2 though. Harrison had a H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E night terror. It lasted so long and was heartbreaking to experience. He was out of control and totally unaware. Has anyone else experienced these? We get two opinions…some say wake them up some say not to. He is very violent and harms himself if we don’t literally hold all limbs down. I had this gut feeling that it was going to happen. He hadn’t had one in a few months, but something about the overstimulation of the fireworks, him not feeling well, and being overtired made me think it was going to trigger something. Of course, I did not think about this until bedtime…or we would have gone home sooner. Ahh…the parenting learning curve Smile We hope you had a great 4th! 


Leah said...

HATE the night terrors...seriously! My bio daughter had them and would scream these blood curdling screams, eyes totally shut. It would scare the behebes out of me! We made it through them, hope they don't last long.

Melanee said...

i love the spikey hair. hope the little guy feels better!