Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What’s Next?

1st, Happy 15 month birthday sweet babies! Mommy and Daddy are working hard to get there as soon as possible!


~earlier picture~

Inquiring minds want to know, when are our sweet babies coming home? Well, that is a good question! Since we were led to the waiting child photo listing route, our timeline looks different than others. We did not have to wait on a list for a referral, we already had our home study in the works, and the legal documents that many families have to wait to receive from Korea after referral, were already at our agency due to the long wait our little ones had on the waiting child photo listing. Which, by the way, is full of precious children waiting for their forever families!! You really should check it out HERE. While some of the babies have some serious possible special needs, there are a few who have special needs that are very “doable.” Not, that those with more challenging special needs are any less deserving of a family. I just want everyone to know that there is truth in the the fact that there is much joy and blessing in adopting a child that doesn’t fall under the healthy and as young as possible category that so many feel safe pursuing.  As far as, boy or girl, girls are normally chosen very quickly so many of the waiting children are boys. Boys are the-bomb-dot-com-peeps …don’t pass them up!!

sophiefavoritepic     greerlikeharry

These two of my favorite older pics of the twins! I believe they were taken when some of our agency Korean program coordinators visited in December! I think Greer looks so much like Harrison in the one on the right. Many have commented the same! I think Sophie just looks stunning in the one on the left. Her chubby little fingers are adorable!

Ok, back to the timeline, here is what we’ve done so far…

February 28th- discovered the twins on Holt’s waiting child photo listing thanks to MaryLeigh!

March 7th- received the twins info and medical files for review.

March 10th- requested additional info and video of the twins from Korea.

Prayed over the couple of weeks waiting for additional info.

April 1st- got the videos!

April 11th- felt confident about moving forward and going to Holt’s waiting child selection committee to pursue the twins. Contacted Holt and let them know.

April  13th-returned committee questionnaires…3 separate ones LOTS of questions about interracial families and addressing special needs and potential special needs.

WAITED 2 LONG WEEKS to go to committee because families who had inquired about the twins prior to us did not notify Holt as to whether or not they wanted to go to committee! They just did not get back with Holt and since Holt is dedicated to finding families for children not children for families, they try to make sure they have a few families to choose from for matching waiting children.

April 25th – committee interview – almost 2 hours long. There were not any other families that wanted to go to committee with/against us for the twins.

April 28th –  We got “THE CALL” we were chosen to be parents of the twins!! wooohoooo!

May 23rd – got word that we received a Brittney’s Hope matching grant. If we raise $1000 Brittney’s Hope will match it bringing the amount to $2000. The grant will be given after we are home.

May 24th- our home study made it to Holt FINALLY. We were expecting it to be there earlier, but there were revisions and weekends and all that jazz…we were just relieved that it finally made it on the 24th.

May 25th – we were emailed our acceptance packet….a MOUND of paperwork to complete, notarize, and send back to Holt with our fees.

May 27th- our acceptance paperwork made it to Holt just in time to hang out over the Memorial Day Holiday!

May 31st- got word that we have been blessed with a $3000 grant from our agencies special needs adoption fund!

June 2nd- we got our legals in the mail so we could send in our I600 and I600A’s to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

June 7th- I600 and I600A’s were received by the USCIS!

AND now, we wait for…

-our EP to be submitted. That is an Emigration Permit from Korea for the twins. This gives them the ability to leave Korea and come here. Every year, the Korean government limits the # of permits per agency each year. There is a chance that we could not get one this year. We are very hopeful that our twins age and potential special needs will be considered and that we will be blessed with EP submittal and approval this year. If so, we will travel this year! Honestly, we are believing God for it! We pretty much just wait to get approval for I600 and I600A and wait for EP submittal. It’s crazy to have done soooooo much paperwork and such over the last couple months and now we’re done with that. We lots to keep us busy while we wait though!

Once our EP is submitted it’s normally a 2-3 month wait to travel. Once our EP is submitted, we will have a better idea of an estimated travel time! That could happen in one month or six months. I am pretty sure there is no way to know until it happens! There are some things that follow EP submittal and approval like visa physical and interview, but we’ll address those things as they come!

So I guess the answer for the inquiring minds is…we shall see! We are hoping and praying to travel this Fall!


mary leigh said...


I'm believing it with you, friend.

In fact, I'm chanting....

next ep batch. next ep batch. next ep batch. next ep batch!
early fall. early fall. early fall!

joy said...

hi, there. i have been watching your sweet, sweet twins on the listing for some time. in fact, in february, i had called holt and asked for more information.i probably called two more times after that initial call. while i was ready to say yes, my husband wasn't quite there yet. i think the idea of two babies at once is overwhelming for him. anyway, i just wanted to pop in and say congratulations! i am so excited that the twins will have a loving family. may the Lord bless you on this journey!

Carrie said...

I am in loveeeee!!

JaM said...

Love the new pictures! Praying that you can get them this fall. That would be awesome!

Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

They are beautiful. COngratulations again.

Liz said...

Am I seeing Greer's left eye correctly? Does he have strabismus? If so, email me. Our oldest had it & I can tell ya all about the patching, surgeries, etc. It's a very common birth defect & totally fixable! Been there, done that. :)

Katie said...

We are right there with you waiting on our daughter's EP! Maybe will be traveling together :) I'm so glad these twins have found a family with you guys - they are precious!

Brooke said...

OH MY GOSH!! I HAD to comment!! I just googled "waiting korea adoption photolisting" and your beautiful babies photos appeared!!! My husband and I are in the adoption process for Korea with Holt too. I am so excited to stumble across your blog as we saw your babies on the emails and photolisting and fell. in. love. We prayed and prayed and prayed for them, but ultimately, knew their Mommy and Daddy was not us. I just want you to know how dearly they touched my heart and that my husband and I both know there is somthing incredibly special about your GORGEOUS children!! SO happy to have "met" their perfect parents!! Congratulations again!! :) Xoxo Brooke