Monday, June 20, 2011

TOP 6 for $500 grant!! We're going for top 3!!

UPDATE: We are in the TOP 6 for sales so far with the Ordinary Hero affiliate grant contest! We have to be one of the top 3 to WIN THE $500!! Please hop on over and see if there is anything you might like for yourself, a friend, or family member!! We have until tomorrow night to make sales and qualify for the contest!! Thanks to those of you who have already taken part!! Don't forget to choose our name in the affiliate drop down box so your purchase goes towards our sales!

We are affiliate fundraisers with Ordinary Hero! They give 40% of their apparel sales to us (you have to choose our name in the affiliate box when you check out)! They have some ADORABLE kids shirts and GREAT gear for adults too!! Now through Tuesday they are running a contest! The affiliate family who sales the most merchandise gets a $500 grant towards their adoption! Will you check it out and see if there is anything you might want or could get as gifts!? I’ll show you what I like! $500 is a BIG deal and would help us greatly as we work to bring the twins home!
Sophie needs that one!
and this  makes perfect sense for Harrison since his names starts with H and he is pretty SUPER! Smile
and of course, we got this one to support Brodie’s adoption when they had a grant contest going on…and WE LOVE IT so Greer needs one to match!
memorialdayweekend 293
and if I was going to get one as an adult…I’d probably pick something like this this or this…
Go HERE to see for yourself! But if you’re looking for something super cool and/or you want to support our adoption! This would be a great way! DON’T FORGET TO PICK the Smith Family as the affiliate in the drop down box so we can get the credit Smile

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