Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Surgery Day

Today, Harrison was admitted to the local (and fabulous) children’s hospital for 2 urological procedures. In the end, he had 3 procedures done. We left for the hospital around 7:30 this morning. Harrison had on some PJ’s and had no food or drink in his belly.

 memorialdayweekend 027

He didn’t end up going back to surgery until 1pm Sad smile Thankfully, he never really got upset about being hungry or thirsty. He did find the snack I intended for him to have post-op, but I managed to distract him quickly.

memorialdayweekend 033

He was wonderful as we waited for 4 hours to be taken back.

memorialdayweekend 041

He had a blast and everyone around us had a blast with him Smile


Say Cheese!

memorialdayweekend 029

We were so glad Aunt Tori was out of school so she could tag along to help!

memorialdayweekend 039

The little ride on toy in the prep room was a lifesaver!! He zoomed up and down the hallways!

memorialdayweekend 042

Daddy joined us soon after we were called to prep for surgery! Harrison expressed GREAT joy that Daddy was there! He said very loudly and down the hall as we saw Daddy round the corner..Daaadeeeeee!!! It echoed! Precious moment!

memorialdayweekend 048

It was nice to have every player of “Team Smith” in the game at this point. What was to come was not easy!

memorialdayweekend 047

memorialdayweekend 051

Harrison fell asleep around 12:15p. They came back to get him around 1pm (surgery was originally scheduled for 11am) He woke up just as I was transferring him to the nurses arms. He looked so bewildered. It made me sad. He didn’t cry, but he certainly wasn’t sure about things. About an hour later they called us back to talk with the doctor. She said things went well, but that they had to make 2 additional incisions and repair another issue on the opposite side. Poor baby ended up with 4 cuts. As he came to, he was in a RAGE. Not upset, not mad, not sad, not confused but in a RAGE. It was like a night terror but 10x worse. He was hitting us and himself, arching his back, pinching his face, slapping at all the wires etc. When it got the point of him hitting me I broke down. The whole time he was doing this he was staring off into space. It was quite scary. They gave him 2 doses of something to get him to “come down.” That finally kicked in about 15 minutes after the rage started. He fell asleep. Once we got to the car, he woke up and settled in his car seat pretty well. I was nervous the whole way home that he would be in pain. About 15 minutes from the house he started sweating bullets and crying an “I’m in pain here” kind of cry. The plan was for Brandon to pick up the pain meds, but I couldn’t drive home and just wait for that. I drove straight to our pharmacy and got the meds, pulled right into a parking space, and gave them to him. He never really calmed down like I thought he might after the medicine. He’d have a few minutes here and there of settling, but he seemed to consistently be in pain not wanting to straighten his legs, pointing to his area saying “OWWW!!! booboo! hurt! help!” Ya’ll, it was tough stuff! They told us he would have some mild discomfort. What we were experiencing was more than that. I finally called the on call doctor and he gave us different instructions for the pain meds and an additional medicine.memorialdayweekend 054

OH, and ice cream doesn’t hurt! I am so thankful my boy is resting peacefully beside me now. It’s been a hard afternoon.

memorialdayweekend 059

Even so, we consider ourselves blessed for the kind of access we have to outstanding medical care. I mean…a 25 minute ride to Vanderbilt Children’s…that’s a huge blessing we can’t take for granted. We know that with the twins, we have some things we’ll need to iron out as well and unfortunately, we may have to visit the same pediatric surgery center a time or two once home. Each time, this mommy head gets smarter and my heart gets stronger. The Lord is sustaining us in this time and preparing us gradually for what could *possibly* be ahead!

But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble

Psalm 59:16

Please be in prayer for our little guy to heal quickly.


Carrie said...

I am so thankful things settled down and he found a little comfort. I love you!

Ashley said...

Poor little sweet thang! Give him a kiss for Aunt Ashley and Cousin Tuff. Hope he feels better this morning!

Tonya said...

Oh my goodness. A 4-hour wait. I don't know how I would have entertained Janie or Lexie for that long?!? Geesh!!!

So glad he is on the mend...poor little guy!

Liz said...

Poor baby! I'm glad things went well & that he's ok now!

Alison said...

Oh, bless his heart. This was so hard to read. I am so sorry! Will be praying that he feels better soon!

ayoung1119 said...

Hope he is feeling better- poor little guy :(

heidi said...

That is exactly how my son Jonathan acts when coming out of anesthesia too. It is quite bizarre and very hard! Prayers for your family.